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Deepfake propaganda is not a real problem - The Verge
If you’ve been following tech news in the past year, you’ve probably heard about deepfakes, the widely available, machine-learning-powered system for swapping faces and doctoring videos.
deepfakes  fake  news  images  neural  networks  poor  propaganda  video  stream 
11 days ago by therourke
Objects of Despair: Fake Meat
Science lifted us out of nature. It tamed the wilderness; it gave us tools to transcend our lousy, fallen bodies; and it shot us to the moon. Now it has produced a hamburger made entirely of vegetables that bleeds like real beef.
additivism  diet  fake  meat  food  invitro  lab  grown  myth  stream 
6 weeks ago by therourke
You thought fake news was bad? Deep fakes are where truth goes to die | Technology | The Guardian
In May, a video appeared on the internet of Donald Trump offering advice to the people of Belgium on the issue of climate change. “As you know, I had the balls to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement,” he said, looking directly into the camera, “and so should you.”
ai  algorithms  deep  fakes  deepfakes  fake  news  perception  politics  reality  video  stream 
november 2018 by therourke
You're wrong about how the internet fuels conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theories are popular and there is no doubt that the internet has fuelled them on. From the theory that 9/11 was an inside job to the idea that reptilian humanoids rule the world, conspiracy theories have found a natural home online.
conspiracy  fake  news  information  internet  memes  misinformation  post  truth  stream 
july 2018 by therourke
Why memes matter: our best shot to talk about the world in the post-truth era - Pulsar Platform
We have entered a post-truth, post-authenticity era, in which dichotomies like true/false or real/fake no longer serve us very well, especially on social media platforms.
communication  fake  news  language  memes  politics  post  truth  teenagers  virality  stream 
july 2018 by therourke
Memes Are For Tricksters: The Biology of Disinformation - Mondo 2000
Back in 1990, when MONDO 2000 magazine promised Screaming Memes on its cover, it was more or less a secret argot winking at our technohip Mondoid readers.
fake  news  information  magic  memes  post  truth  trickery  virality  stream 
june 2018 by therourke
We Are Truly Fucked: Everyone Is Making AI-Generated Fake Porn Now - Motherboard
In December, Motherboard discovered a redditor named 'deepfakes' quietly enjoying his hobby: Face-swapping celebrity faces onto porn performers’ bodies.
ai  fake  identity  machine  learning  neural  networks  perception  porn  pornography  reality  simulation  stream 
january 2018 by therourke
Fake news is a red herring | World | DW.COM | 25.01.2017
Watching the 2016 US presidential election was already a surreal experience, as dozens of qualified candidates lost out to a failed businessman and reality television star.
fake  news  grand  narrative  media  trump  stream 
february 2017 by therourke
How to fake science, history and religion
One of the epigraphs that punctuate Invented Knowledge is from Pascal: "It is natural for the mind to believe and for the will to love; so that, for want of true objects, they must attach themselves to false". Whether it is natural or not, it would seem that the false – the extravagant, the fantastical, the grandiose – can at times be so seductive that we suspend our critical faculties in its consideration. Ronald Fritze, a historian and dean at Athens State University in Alabama, is concerned about, and clearly fascinated by, the pseudo-histories and pseudo-sciences – the stories of Atlantis, pre-Ice Age civilizations, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and cosmic catastrophes – which, as he argues, developed in the last quarter of the nineteenth century and are still with us. "The delivery system for pseudohistorians and pseudoscientists of all stripes", Fritze writes, "now encompasses a charlatan’s playground of film, television, radio, magazines, and the net." Fritze, a committed posit
Vincent-Crapanzano  books  hoax  pseudoscience  reviews  pascal  history  science  religion  forgery  fake  reality  machinemachine  christianity  darwin  pseudohistory  atlantis  knowledge  understanding  postmodern 
august 2009 by therourke
Flickr Group: Simulacra!
Everyone has simulacra in their Flickr collection...

Simulacrum (plural: simulacra), from the Latin simulare, "to make like, to put on an appearance of", originally meaning a material object representing something (such as an idol representing a deity,
flickr  cool  community  group  share  copy  fake  new  web2.0  links  photos  photography  simulation  pictures  images  image  news  copies  reality  simulacrum  simulacra  perception  objects  entities  plastic  perfect  identity 
january 2007 by therourke
The famous names - Warning... ...Simulacrum... usually silly, sometimes satirical and occasionally a bit surreal. It is made by an adult, for an audience of adults. If you are a child, or prudish or conservative, then there is every chance that some
comedy  cool  funny  humor  podcast  interview  simulacrum  simulacra  fake  famous  people  society  culture  radio  listen  audio 
february 2006 by therourke
Notes on the Denial of Perspective - Felice Varini
Felice Varini paints (lines, concentric circles, triangles) on things (tunnels, castles, groovy interiors). A seemingly random smattering of elements that, viewed from a specific point in space, coalesce into a tangible planar element
art  science  strange  visual  weird  cool  brain  creative  design  fun  fake  illusion  images  math  media  painting  perspective  photo  photography  photos  psychedelic  read  perception  mind  consciousness  reality  mathematics  shape  colour  simulacrum  architecture 
january 2006 by therourke
The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
Over the last few hundred years, many perplexing artifacts have been unearthed that do not fit the currently excepted theories of geology and the history of man.
anthropology  archeology  art  articles  conspiracy  culture  evolution  fake  fiction  history  human  interesting  humor  list  lists  mystery  occult  nature  paranormal  philosophy  reference  religion  science  strange  technology  theory  tools  weird  world  ancient  nonsense 
december 2005 by therourke

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