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The racist language of space exploration | The Outline
On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence, head of the National Space Council, outlined plans for creating the “Space Force” that President Donald Trump envisions as a space-dedicated military branch, complete with space warfighters and weapons, by the year 2020.
additivism  colonialism  exploration  frontiers  language  pdfs  privilege  racism  space  survivalism  survive  stream 
yesterday by therourke
It's So Hot in Japan, the Fake Food in Restaurant Windows Is Melting - MUNCHIES
A friend of mine flew from northern California, to North Carolina on Saturday night and was immediately surprised by what she encountered when she landed. “Why is it so hot here?” she texted before she was even out of the airport. “I haven’t been this hot since...I don’t even know.
additivism  climate  change  environment  food  japan  plastic  weather  stream 
yesterday by therourke
Bunker Mentality: Start Preparing for Ecological & Economic Disaster Free Of Corporate Overlords | Zero Hedge
Let’s face it: reading stories about the ongoing destruction of planet Earth, the life-sustaining blue marble that all of us – aside from maybe Elon Musk – are permanently trapped on, has got to be one of the least-favorite topics of all time.
additivism  climate  change  collapse  environment  progress  survivalism  stream 
yesterday by therourke
The End of the Line – A Climate in Crisis
The world of academia is starting to pick up on the concept that humanity is unknowingly cruising on a train ride to doomsday, a surefire encounter with collapse of society based upon climate crises brought on by exponential climate change.
5 days ago by therourke
Crispr Can Speed Up Nature—and Change How We Grow Food | WIRED
Although he worked on a farm as a teenager and has a romantic attachment to the soil, ­Lippman isn’t a farmer. He’s a plant biologist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York with an expertise in genetics and development. And these greenhouse plants aren’t ordinary tomatoes.
additivism  agriculture  bioengineering  crispr  farming  food  nature  stream 
5 days ago by therourke
Solar Geo-Engineering Can't Save the World’s Crops - The Atlantic
Over the past few years, I’ve heard dozens of scientists talk about solar geo-engineering, the once-outlandish idea that humanity should counteract climate change by releasing special gases into the stratosphere to reflect away sunlight and cool the planet.
additivism  climate  change  environment  food  geoengineering  harvest  terraforming  stream 
7 days ago by therourke
Dying Alone in Japan: The Industry Devoted to What’s Left Behind - Bloomberg
As the country’s population ages and shrinks, there’s increasing demand for services that clean out and dispose of the property of the dead.
death  hoarding  japan  kipple  objects  things  stream 
9 days ago by therourke
Capitalism Killed Our Climate Momentum, Not “Human Nature”
The novella-length piece represents the kind of media commitment that the climate crisis has long deserved but almost never received.
additivism  capitalism  cimate  denial  climate  change  environment  naomi  klein  reading  stream 
9 days ago by therourke
Sorry Elon Musk, but it's now clear that colonising Mars is unlikely – and a bad idea | The Independent
Space X and Tesla founder Elon Musk has a vision for colonising Mars, based on a big rocket, nuclear explosions and an infrastructure to transport millions of people there. This was seen as highly ambitious but technically challenging in several ways.
additivism  colonialism  elon  musk  mars  space  stream 
9 days ago by therourke
An Army of Deer Ticks Carrying Lyme Disease Is Advancing and Here’s Why It Will Only Get Worse – Mother Jones
This story was originally published by the Center for Public Integrity. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Maine’s invasion came early this year.
additivism  body  climate  change  environment  health  meat  nature  ticks  stream 
9 days ago by therourke
302 Found
There are thousands of computers that could destroy human civilization as we know it, if not eradicate the human race altogether.
9 days ago by therourke
We Should Never Have Called It Earth | The On Being Project
We should never have called it Earth. Three quarters of the planet’s surface is saltwater, and most of it does not lap at tranquil beaches for our amusement. The ocean is deep; things are lost at sea.
additivism  anthropocene  climate  change  earth  environment  stream 
15 days ago by therourke
Waste-Wilderness: A conversation with Peter L. Galison | FOP
is a historian, writer, award winning filmmaker and the Pellegrino University Professor in History of Science and Physics at Harvard University.  He was appointed a Guggenheim Fellow in 2009, he won the Max Planck Prize in 1999, and was named a MacArthur Foundation Fellow in 1997.
23 days ago by therourke
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality
I wonder if the reason we keep on cycling back to hope about cool things like VR is that for all the tech news and our fetishizing about our touch devices, we’re still a little disappointed in the menu of tech items that we have at this late date.
simulation  technology  virtual  reality  vr  stream 
25 days ago by therourke
You're wrong about how the internet fuels conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theories are popular and there is no doubt that the internet has fuelled them on. From the theory that 9/11 was an inside job to the idea that reptilian humanoids rule the world, conspiracy theories have found a natural home online.
conspiracy  fake  news  information  internet  memes  misinformation  post  truth  stream 
5 weeks ago by therourke
Why memes matter: our best shot to talk about the world in the post-truth era - Pulsar Platform
We have entered a post-truth, post-authenticity era, in which dichotomies like true/false or real/fake no longer serve us very well, especially on social media platforms.
communication  fake  news  language  memes  politics  post  truth  teenagers  virality  stream 
5 weeks ago by therourke
Watch: Here Are All The Ways Your City Is Surveilling You - Motherboard
If you live in a major metropolitan area, the odds are good you’re being watched and listened to at all times. And even if you don’t, that surveillance technology is still there—in stores, on cop cars, in schools and stop lights.
black  stack  city  infrastructure  ingrid  burrington  iot  networks  new  york  privacy  smart  cities  surveillance  the  stream 
5 weeks ago by therourke
“There’s Nothing New / Under The Sun, / But There Are New Suns”: Recovering Octavia E. Butler’s Lost Parables - Los Angeles Review of Books
 THE BAD NEWS is waiting for us on the first page of the first chapter of Octavia E. Butler’s 1998 science fiction novel Parable of the Talents.
5 weeks ago by therourke
John Carpenter’s THE THING is More Lovecraftian Than You Thought | Nerdist
In the 35 years since John Carpenter‘s first big studio movie, 1982’s The Thing, which he made for Universal, was released, it’s metamorphosed from flop to underground classic in the horror genre.
h.p.  lovecraft  horror  the  thing  stream 
5 weeks ago by therourke
Big Brother’s Blind Spot | Joanne McNeil
Netflix believes, algorithmically at least, that I am the kind of person who likes to watch “Dark TV Shows Featuring a Strong Female Lead.” This picksome genre is never one that I that seek out intentionally, and I’m not sure it even represents my viewing habits.
big  brother  data  biometrics  information  law  limits  module  panopticon  politics  privacy  security  surveillance  stream 
5 weeks ago by therourke
A groundbreaking study outlines what you can do about climate change. | Grist
Researchers in Sweden examined the possible steps that people can take to help tackle the climate crisis. Although a lot of resulting news coverage focused on the most effective action (having one fewer kid), the real takeaway is that individual actions still matter. A lot.
action  additivism  carbon  emissions  climate  change  environment  stream 
5 weeks ago by therourke
Biologists Have Discovered an Underwater Octopus City And They're Calling It Octlantis
At the end of last year, scientists discovered a small octopus city – dubbed Octlantis – a find that suggests members of the gloomy octopus species (Octopus tetricus) are perhaps not the isolated and solitary creatures we thought they were.
additivism  cephalopod  cthulhucene  life  nature  ocean  octopus  sea  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
The Rich Are Planning to Leave This Wretched Planet - The New York Times
Here comes private space travel — with cocktails, retro-futuristic Philippe Starck designs and Wi-Fi. Just $55 million a trip!
additivism  earth  economics  futurism  luxury  money  nasa  privilege  space  terraforming  travel  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
Elon Musk and the Failure of Our Imagination in Space | The New Yorker
Long before mastering the mechanics of spaceflight, men imagined sending other men into the cosmos.
additivism  elon  musk  futurism  imagination  progress  space  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
How TV’s Demons, Aliens, and Dragons Are Getting More Cinematic | Vanity Fair
Like copy editors and train conductors, visual-effects designers know they’ve done their jobs if audiences take their work for granted.
cinema  film  monsters  phantom  zone  special  effects  tv  weird  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
This wild, AI-generated film is the next step in “whole-movie puppetry” | Ars Technica
Click here for transcript. Put this link in the video's caption field. Two years ago, Ars Technica hosted the online premiere of a weird short film called Sunspring, which was mostly remarkable because its entire script was created by an AI.
ai  film  narrative  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
Memes Are For Tricksters: The Biology of Disinformation - Mondo 2000
Back in 1990, when MONDO 2000 magazine promised Screaming Memes on its cover, it was more or less a secret argot winking at our technohip Mondoid readers.
fake  news  information  magic  memes  post  truth  trickery  virality  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
The Nightmare of Neoliberal Fascism - An interview with Henry A. Giroux - The Bullet
Theory, USA • June 18, 2018 • Henry A. Giroux and Mark Karlin Mark Karlin (MK): Why is it important to have an historical understanding of fascism to shed light on the age of Trump?
fascism  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
The Word Made Fresh: Mystical Encounter and the New Weird Divine - Journal #92 June 2018 - e-flux
A biologist enters mysterious territory on a mission to comprehend the incomprehensible. Together with three colleagues—an anthropologist, a psychologist, and a surveyor—she crosses an imperceptible border into a region known as Area X. They are the twelfth expedition to cross the border.
ecology  weird  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
Practical Magic: Assimilating John Carpenter’s The Thing | VHS Revival
In an era of countless reboots, we have come to regard the whole process as a cynical exercise whose primary goal is to slash expenditure, but that was not always the case. There was a time when remaking movies was about taking a classic conception and upgrading it to meet modern standards.
film  horror  john  carpenter  special  effects  the  thing  stream 
7 weeks ago by therourke
black (beyond negation) – The New Inquiry
Care pays attention to how we are known to ourselves and to each other. Care lingers at the ordinary: notices it, names it, creates it, inhabits it, pursues it, practices it. There might be something theoretically uninteresting about care. It is feminized work, so devalued.
9 weeks ago by therourke
The right-wing politics of the “Singularity” |
Silicon Valley is not a place known for its religiosity, yet a remarkable number of tech leaders and workers have an irrational belief in the Singularity.
additivism  futurism  politics  singularity  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Scientists Sucked A Memory Out of a Snail and Stuck it in Another Snail
A new study strongly suggests that at least some memories are stored in genetic code, and that genetic code can act like memory soup. Suck it out of one animal and stick the code in a second animal, and that second animal can remember things that only the first animal knew.
additivism  molluscs  odour  smell  snails  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Google Assistant fired a gun: We need to talk
For better or worse, Google Assistant can do it all. From mundane tasks like turning on your lights and setting reminders to convincingly mimicking human speech patterns, the AI helper is so capable it's scary. Its latest (unofficial) ability, though, is a bit more sinister.
ai  ethics  google  machine  learning  safety  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Speculative biology: understanding the past and predicting our future | Science | The Guardian
In 1981, a remarkable book was published: After Man: A Zoology of the Future, by Dougal Dixon.
additivism  book  dougal  dixon  evolution  life  nature  speculative  biology  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Are you scared yet? Meet Norman, the psychopathic AI - BBC News
Norman is an algorithm trained to understand pictures but, like its namesake Hitchcock's Norman Bates, it does not have an optimistic view of the world. Norman sees a man being electrocuted.
additivism  ai  ethics  hybrids  machine  learning  neural  networks  perception  reality  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
187 Things the Blockchain Is Supposed to Fix | WIRED
When businesses latch onto a buzzword, it quickly becomes the solution to everything. Not long ago, in the era of “big data,” companies scrambled to add chief data scientists to their ranks.
additivism  bitcoin  blockchain  cryptocurrency  economics  futurism  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
AI Needs New Clichés – Molly Wright Steenson – Medium
If you plug “AI” or “artificial intelligence” into Google Image Search, here’s what you get. Electric brains firing blue with neurons. Translucent robots and robot heads, code dribbling down their foreheads and noses.
ai  grand  narratives  hybrids  language  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
The macabre world of mind-controlling parasites – Science & research news | Frontiers
The gruesome new field of neuro-parasitology could provide insights into the neurological basis for behavior and decision-making — By Conn Hastings Imagine a parasite that makes an animal change its habits, guard the parasite’s offspring or even commit suicide.
evolution  nature  parasites  parasitism  zombies  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Exploring The Digital Ruins Of 'Second Life' - Digg
I logged into "Second Life" in the year 2018 A.D. It still exists, sort of. Residents and businesses began fleeing for more popular social networks long ago. Vast acres of land are abandoned or sparsely populated by the few remaining diehard users.
history  internet  second  life  simulation  vr  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Why Slime Is Everywhere: A Cultural Compendium - GARAGE
“There are periods when ears and eyes are full of slime,” wrote Nietzsche in 1879, “so that they can no longer hear the voice of reason and philosophy or see the wisdom that walks in bodily shape.
additivism  pop  culture  slime  mould  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Flesh Moves - Motherboard
Whatever future comes, one thing is fairly certain, excepting total American collapse—the goods will continue to flow. By human, by vehicle, by automaton, or by some combination of the three,stuff will be distributed, sold, and speculated upon across the land.
additivism  america  automation  cars  futurism  mass  production  self  driving  self-driving  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Plastic plankton, the Anthropocene’s emblematic “microorganism” – We Make Money Not Art
Mandy Barker, Ophelia medustica. Specimen collected from Glounthaune shoreline, Cove of Cork, Ireland, (Pram wheel), 2015. Series: Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals, 2015 In 1816, John Vaughan Thompson was posted to Cork in Ireland as an army Surgeon.
additivism  anthropocene  nature  ocean  plankton  plastic  pollution  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Colonialism did not just create slavery: it changed geology | Science | The Guardian
It brought riches to Britain and many other European nations; played a major role in enslaving more than 10 million Africans; and created the first global markets in cotton, tobacco and sugar. But now colonialism has been accused of having an even greater influence.
additivism  anthropocene  colonialism  environment  geology  history  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
The Most Disturbing Movies of All Time | Complex
Let’s start by setting the record straight: mainstream comedies and dramas are great. In an increasingly complicated and frustrating world, cinema as a form of escapism is a valid move, and transporting an audience to a different world and making them laugh or cry is a noble endeavor in 2018.
film  horror  list  movies  stream 
9 weeks ago by therourke
Jordan Peterson & Fascist Mysticism | by Pankaj Mishra | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
“Men have to toughen up,” Jordan B. Peterson writes in 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos, “Men demand it, and women want it.” So, the first rule is, “Stand up straight with your shoulders back” and don’t forget to “clean your room.
10 weeks ago by therourke
The Neologismcene | Literature, the Humanities, & the World
This particular terminological game is just about up, I think, and it's no surprise that Anthropos has won again. I don't think we'll be using any word but Anthropocene to describe the ecological present anytime soon. More's the pity, perhaps—but the Anthropocene is here to stay.
additivism  anthropocene  capitalocene  chthulucene  climate  change  cthulhucene  language  reading  theory  stream 
12 weeks ago by therourke
The Queer Art of Fucking Your Friends – Mask Magazine
For as long as I can remember, I’ve desired romantic relationships with boys, and then as I got older, men. Also for as long as I can remember, I’ve had sexual fantasies exclusively about girls, and then as I got older, women.
12 weeks ago by therourke
As D.I.Y. Gene Editing Gains Popularity, ‘Someone Is Going to Get Hurt’ - The New York Times
WASHINGTON — As a teenager, Keoni Gandall already was operating a cutting-edge research laboratory in his bedroom in Huntington Beach, Calif.
additivism  biohacking  body  crispr  diy  gene  editing  genetics  health  medicine  stream 
12 weeks ago by therourke
We Are All Aliens - Journal #91 May 2018 - e-flux
You’re on the Spaceship Earth […] You’d better pay your fare now You’ll be left behind You’ll be left hangin’ In the empty air You won’t be here and you won’t be there.
aliens  life  nonhuman  stream 
12 weeks ago by therourke
Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study | Environment | The Guardian
Humankind is revealed as simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant in the grand scheme of life on Earth by a groundbreaking new assessment of all life on the planet. The world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things, according to the study.
additivism  ecology  extinction  humans  life  nature  stream 
12 weeks ago by therourke
Malcolm Harris on Glitch Capitalism and AI Logic
Of all the buzzy 21st-century tech phrases, “machine learning” threatens to be the most important. Programming computers is slow, but we’re nearing the point where humans give the bots parameters and let them teach themselves.
ai  algorithms  capitalism  economics  glitch  money  value  stream 
may 2018 by therourke
Why it’s so unhelpful to talk about the male or female brain | Aeon Essays
How many times did I say it – to myself, out loud alone or out loud to others, throughout my childhood? ‘I wish I were a boy.’ The words were mine, a fervent and frequent wish. They were not born of a feeling of mismatch between external expectations and internal signals.
may 2018 by therourke
Do You Know Where Your Healing Crystals Come From? | The New Republic
After three record-breaking hurricanes hammered America last year, the influential spiritual healer Heather Askinosie wrote a blog post for the Earth.
additivism  earth  environment  materials  mining  spirituality  stream 
may 2018 by therourke
Futurism Needs More Women - The Atlantic
Most of the big names in futurism are men. What does that mean for the direction we’re all headed? In the future, everyone’s going to have a robot assistant. That’s the story, at least. And as part of that long-running narrative, Facebook just launched its virtual assistant.
additivism  buffer  feminism  future  futurism  men  module  silicon  valley  technology  women  stream 
may 2018 by therourke
Pretty Loud For Being So Silenced | Current Affairs
Irony can be a difficult concept to grasp, but some hypothetical examples can illustrate it clearly. It would be ironic, for instance, if people who claimed their free speech was being trampled on were actually being heard more than anybody else.
may 2018 by therourke
What It’s Like to Be a Bot — Real Life
Bots are everywhere. From simple algorithms and aggregator bots to complex “artificially” intelligent machine-learning systems, they have become inescapable. Some are in chat programs.
ai  algorithms  bots  consciousness  perception  phenomenology  stream 
may 2018 by therourke
Memes That Kill: The Future Of Information Warfare
Memes and social networks have become weaponized, while many governments seem ill-equipped to understand the new reality of information warfare. How will we fight state-sponsored disinformation and propaganda in the future?
ethics  language  meaning  memes  virality  stream 
may 2018 by therourke
How the chicken nugget became the true symbol of our era | News | The Guardian
This is what happens when you turn the natural world into a profit-making machine. By and Jason W Moore The most telling symbol of the modern era isn’t the automobile or the smartphone. It’s the chicken nugget.
additivism  animals  anthropocene  automation  capitalism  chickens  diet  environment  food  mass  production  meat  nature  reading  stream 
may 2018 by therourke
Leaving Herland | The Point Magazine
But even after I overcame my instinct for detachment, I remained wary of the movement’s language, which was a language of binaries: women and men.
feminism  gender  literature  men  metoo  reading  revolution  utopia  women  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
Fatberg 'autopsy' reveals growing health threat to Londoners | UK news | The Guardian
Fatbergs, the congealed mass of fat and discarded items that are increasingly blocking Britain’s sewers, are the consequence of the plastic crisis in Britain and contain potentially deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria, tests show.
additivism  bacteria  bas  capitalism  civilisation  disease  fatberg  fatbergs  health  infection  infrastructure  london  plastic  pollution  waste  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
The humanist left must challenge the rise of cyborg socialism
Undiagnosed by the mainstream media and much of the academic community, a major intellectual renewal is underway across the left. It is energetic and tech-savvy, building platforms such as Novara Media.
accelerationism  additivism  automation  cyborg  humanism  labour  marxism  politics  posthumanism  progress  robotics  socialism  technology  the  left  right  work  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
David Reich: ‘Neanderthals were perhaps capable of many modern human behaviours’ | Science | The Guardian
For David Reich, research can be a harrowing experience. The 44-year-old Harvard University geneticist says he now goes to bed terrified he will wake up to find his team’s recent, stunning discoveries about human ancestry have been proved wrong.
anthropology  genetics  human  hybrids  posthumanism  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
Why Feminists Need to Seize the Memes of Production | Novara Media
Culture matters. Mainstream culture reflects and shapes the dominant ideas and behaviours of our society.
feminism  memes  politics  viral  virality  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
We Need To Do A Better Job Of Imagining Aliens – Adam Mann – Medium
When imagining civilizations on other worlds, we tend to stick to the familiar. Aliens in the popular imagination are not all that different from us — they often have eyes and ears, walk on two feet, and understand the universe in roughly the same way we do.
additivism  aliens  imagination  sci-fi  weird  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
Hito Steyerl | Politics of Post-Representation «DIS Magazine
From the militarization of social media to the corporatization of the art world, Hito Steyerl’s writings represent some of the most influential bodies of work in contemporary cultural criticism today.
camera  data  digital  images  hito  steyerl  information  photography  post  representation  smartphone  war  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
Is Ornamenting Solar Panels a Crime? - e-flux Architecture - e-flux
We’re Solarpunk because the only other options are denial or despair. —Adam Flynn1 By now, dystopia may have become a luxury genre. Indulging in miserable future scenarios is not something everyone has time for.
additivism  anthropocene  apocalypse  energy  environment  power  reading  solarpunk  sustainability  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
Rude Awakening: Memes as Dialectical Images >
“It’s not that what is past casts its light on what is present, or what is present its light on what is past; rather, image is that wherein what has been comes together in a flash with the now to form a constellation. In other words, image is dialectics at a standstill.
geert  lovink  images  information  internet  knowledge  language  meaning  memes  module  reading  truth  value  viral  virality  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
The swiftness of glaciers: language in a time of climate change | Aeon Ideas
Language bends and buckles under pressure of climate change. Take the adjective ‘glacial’. I recently came across an old draft of my PhD dissertation on which my advisor had scrawled the rebuke: ‘You’re proceeding at a glacial pace. You’re skating on thin ice.
additivism  anthropocene  art  climate  change  environment  global  warming  ice  language  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
Two degrees no longer seen as global warming guardrail
Limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius will not prevent destructive and deadly climate impacts, as once hoped, dozens of experts concluded in a score of scientific studies released Monday. A world that heats up by 2C (3.
additivism  anthropocene  catastrophe  climate  change  environment  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
Letter of Recommendation: Fatbergs - The New York Times
The promise of a modern sewage system is the freedom to forget that the waste goes somewhere. It’s an indulgence that quickly hardens into abuse — which, in turn, hardens into something else altogether.
additivism  environment  fatberg  fatbergs  infrastructure  london  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
An Incomplete Timeline of What We Tried - Motherboard
Human extinction. The coordinated release of various strains of a human sterilization virus.
additivism  anthropocene  extinction  future  humans  list  posthumanism  progress  reading  sci-fi  stream 
april 2018 by therourke
What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun?
My friend June Thunderstorm and I once spent a half an hour sitting in a meadow by a mountain lake, watching an inchworm dangle from the top of a stalk of grass, twist about in every possible direction, and then leap to the next stalk and do the same thing.
additivism  behaviour  economics  evolution  life  play  stream 
march 2018 by therourke
An episode of The Simpsons called “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes” sums up the turn-of-the-century internet quite well. Homer builds a website, dubbed “Mr. X's Web Page” and populates it with animated GIFs of Jesus dancing, screaming mouths, and flying toasters.
advertising  animated  gifs  art  gif  images  internet  teaching  stream 
march 2018 by therourke
Google's solution to accidental algorithmic racism: ban gorillas | Technology | The Guardian
After Google was criticised in 2015 for an image-recognition algorithm that auto-tagged pictures of black people as “gorillas”, the company promised “immediate action” to prevent any repetition of the error.
ai  bias  google  hybrids  image  recognition  machine  learning  racism  stream 
march 2018 by therourke
This is fashwave, the suicidal retro-futurist art of the alt-right
In the online art workshops of the white nationalist alt right, young neo-Nazis and neo-fascists trade simple aesthetic tips: Consider your color scheme in advance, build your image in sections of thirds, abandon gradients and add a soft stroke to the text.
aesthetics  alt-right  internet  politics  retro  weird  stream 
march 2018 by therourke
Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand | News | The Guardian
How an extreme libertarian tract predicting the collapse of liberal democracies – written by Jacob Rees-Mogg’s father – inspired the likes of Peter Thiel to buy up property across the Pacific by If you’re interested in the end of the world, you’re interested in New Zealand.
additivism  apocalypse  environment  new  zealand  peter  thiel  singularity  transhumanism  stream 
march 2018 by therourke
Glitch Feminism: An Interview With Legacy Russell
Legacy Russell is a writer, artist and cultural producer. Her first book Glitch Feminism is forthcoming from Verso. A version of this interview first appeared in the chapter “Distracted to Attention: On Digital Reading” in The Digital Critic: Literary Culture Online (OR Books, 2017).
additivism  digital  feminism  glitch  interview  reading  stream 
march 2018 by therourke
Decolonising Science Reading List – Chanda Prescod-Weinstein – Medium
Thank me for my free labor maintaining this list by making a donation to The Offing via Paypal, Crowdrise, or a monthly donation at Patreon.
additivism  decolonialisation  decolonisation  education  science  syllabus  stream 
march 2018 by therourke
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