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6 Graphs That Will Convince You to Drink More Coffee
Even though it was demonized in the past, studies show that coffee is very healthy. Here are 6 graphs that will convince you not to fear coffee.
health  coffee 
february 2019 by thomasn
Allodynia - Wikipedia
Allodynia (Ancient Greek άλλος állos "other" and οδύνη odúnē "pain") refers to central pain sensitization (increased response of neurons) following normally non-painful, often repetitive, stimulation. Allodynia can lead to the triggering of a pain response from stimuli which do not normally provoke pain.[1]
See also hyperalgia
pain  health  hyperalgia  allodynia  gabapentin 
september 2018 by thomasn
Migraine Solution - Main
$1000 course for migraine elimination. Possibly a focus on diet, sleep and stress.
health  migraine  diet  sleep 
september 2018 by thomasn
Working up a sweat: It could save your life -- ScienceDaily
Discussed in Mind1st newsletter 2015-04-30:
health  exercise 
may 2015 by thomasn
Serotonin and depression | The BMJ
Does serotonin relate to depression? BMJ article, referred to in Mind 1st email 2015-05-07
depression  health  serotonin  ssri 
may 2015 by thomasn
Lactic Acid
Role of lactic acid buildup in muscle fatigue
health  cardio  lactic  physio 
july 2011 by thomasn
Amphotericin B nasal lavages: Not a solution for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
Amphotericin B nasal lavages in the described dosing and time schedule do not reduce clinical signs and symptoms in patients with CRS.
health  nasal  irrigation  fungicide  amphotericin 
september 2010 by thomasn
Z Space - George Monbiot
Moral offset - people act less helpfully when they feel they have "already been good", e.g. by buying green products.
green  politics  health  psychology 
november 2009 by thomasn
Welcome to CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness
Intensive fitness training - free workout videos and guides
health  training  video  lifehacks  fitness  exercise  workout  crossfit 
september 2009 by thomasn
Seattle RIST
Seattle Repetitive Injury Support Team - using TMS
health  RSI  tms 
july 2009 by thomasn
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