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Labour let the right shape both sides of the Brexit debate
Jeremygilbert election jeremycorbyn labour politics lexit brexit
10 weeks ago
Labour should have argued against the last 40 years, not just the last ten
Jeremygilbert jeremycorbyn labour politics election gramsci lenin
11 weeks ago
It was the centrist dads who lost it
Jeremygilbert politics neoliberalism election labour
11 weeks ago
Bion dreams psychoanalysis psychotherapy psychology
12 weeks ago
Discipline at a distance
"Creating a hybrid of the factory and the putting-out system is feasible because networked digital technologies enable employers to project their authority farther than before. They enable discipline at a distance. The elastic factory, we could call it: the labor regime of Manchester, stretched out by fiber optic cable until it covers the whole world."
labour  technology  politics  society  discipline  history 
january 2020
Platforms don't exist
What should we do about Google, Facebook, and Amazon? People from across the political spectrum are urgently trying to answer this question. So far, however, relatively few answers have come from the socialist left. At least in the United States, the cutting edge of the platform regulation conversation is dominated by the liberal antitrust community. [...] For those of us with our eye on a different horizon, one beyond capitalism, this approach isn’t particularly satisfying. There are elements of the antitrust toolkit that can be very constructively applied to the task of reducing the power of Big Tech and restoring a degree of democratic control over our digital infrastructures. But the antitrusters want to make markets work better. By contrast, a left tech policy should aim to make markets mediate less of our lives—to make them less central to our survival and flourishing.
decommodification  democratication  socialist  technology  policy  infrastructure  platforms 
january 2020
How Big Tech Manipulates Academia to Avoid Regulation
"the majority of well-funded work on “ethical AI” is aligned with the tech lobby’s agenda: to voluntarily or moderately adjust, rather than legally restrict, the deployment of controversial technologies."
ai  fat  ml  ethics  business  justice  funding  regulation  technology  siliconvalley 
december 2019
"Time’s Interfaces"
Time design interface sts clock phone sleep culture theory criticism
november 2019
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