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interesting article on using ruby for generative composition and MIDI
computers  music  programming  ruuby  composition  generative  livecode  MIDI 
september 2007 by timcowlishaw
gmail pop synchronize multiple clients - Google Groups
Methods of retrieving gmail messages via POP on multiple devices.
gmail  pop  mail  email  google  pop3  computers 
october 2006 by timcowlishaw
Software to run Mac OS X as a virtualised client OS from within Linux on PPC.
apple  computer  linux  ppc  virtualisation  computers  mac  osx  ubuntu  emulator 
october 2006 by timcowlishaw
HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet - Cheat Sheets -
Various quick reference 'cheat sheets' for various programming and computer related subjects, inc HTML, SQL, Ruby on Rails, CSS and Javascript.
quickReference  reference  cheatsheet  webdev  computers  Computer  xhtml  css  javascript  HTML  Ruby  Rails  rubyonrails  SQL  mysql  HOWTO 
august 2006 by timcowlishaw
The Hello World of AJAX
Quick Tutorial on creating a 'Hello world' application using AJAX principles.
2.0  computers  development  HOWTO  html  intro  javascript  tutorial  tutorials  web  web2.0  xml  ajax  programming  webdevelopment  webdev  HelloWorld 
august 2006 by timcowlishaw

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