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Intervention – “Future Shock” by Andy Merrifield |
For the urban is itself a political object, a very special virtual political object; so is the “right to the city.” Urban rights are ones that need inventing, need inventingoffensively; they aren’t established safeguards already there, ones you can invoke defensively, a Bill of Rights to which you can appeal in times of danger. Rights aren’t passive: they become your right by working through danger, by orchestrating effective political action. You make rights your right. Hence the reason why so many people misunderstand what’s meant by right to the city, where the future necessarily stalks the present; horizons open up for the virtual to be glimpsed, for rights to actualize themselves through politics. 
urbanism  politics  amateur  professional  righttotthecity  righttothenetwork  geography  environment 
march 2015 by timcowlishaw
We Need a Global Carbon Tax | Jacobin
the institutions and political alliances needed to make any progress must to operate at the same level as (or higher than) other global regulatory, diplomatic, and public goods arrangements. Wealth inequality across the global popul
redistribution  carbontax  tax  carbon  environment  economics  politics 
september 2014 by timcowlishaw
Some tweaks towards running cucumber features individually in texmate
Some tweaks towards running cucumber features individually in texmate (if using GetBundles, you can add the Cucumber bundle to Textmate..) and then you'll want to edit mate ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Pristine\ Copy/Bundles/Cucumber.tmbundle/Support/lib/cucumber/mate/runner.rb so that line 28 reads puts `./script/cucumber #{argv.join(' ')}` #puts `./script/cucumber.rake #{argv.join(' ')}` And that should be all you'd need to be able to run cmd+R for individual feature files
cucumber  textmate  development  environment  setup  mac  osx  ruby  rails 
december 2009 by timcowlishaw
Ruby Version Manager: Easily Use Multiple Ruby Versions At Once
Textmate and RVM: The fix to make it all "just work":

Line 125 becomes: exec("bash -lc '" + cmd.compact.join(" ") + "'")

Add a line before line 37 with: ENV['TM_RUBY'] = nil if ENV['TM_RUBY'] == '/usr/bin/ruby'

The latter line is to override a bizarre TextMate default that people were complaining about way back in 2006... :P
ruby  textmate  patch  rvm  osx  system  programming  development  environment 
december 2009 by timcowlishaw

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