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‘Raining clicks’: why we need better thinking on technology, data and journalism
Here’s a thing: looking at page views doesn’t actually mean you only care about pieces with numbers in the millions. It also might lead you to notice that, while populist topics have a wider potential audience (just as they always have in any medium), your long-form piece on Turkmenistan was read in full by 30,000 people. It might lead you to spot that you haven’t even properly promoted it yet and that even more people might engage with something you’re incredibly proud of. Imagine that. Imagine a world in which looking at page views doesn’t only lead you to write about kittens and completely renege on your own stated editorial ambitions and beliefs. Imagine a world in which you use data to put your excellent journalism in front of a wider audience.
data  analytics  technology  web  society  journalism  psi  news 
january 2018 by timcowlishaw
» The centralisation of the web and the constraints on academic speech The Sociological Imagination
There are many ways to publish without these centralised systems but we remain dependent upon them for discovery. Unfortunately, as he puts it, “the ability to publish without the ability to be discovered is an empty promise” and “In a world of scarce attention, those who control curation and discovery systems control what we encounter and what we know.” This is bringing about a radical transformation of the knowledge system:
web  technology  research  academia  centralisation  power  politics  society 
march 2017 by timcowlishaw
Adactio: Journal—In AMP we trust
This is one of the reasons why AMP feels like such a bait’n’switch to me. When it first came along, it felt like a direct competitor to Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News. But the big difference, we were told, was that you get to host your own content. That appealed to me much more than having Facebook or Apple host the articles. But now it turns out that Google do host the articles.
amp  web  google  bullshit  landgrap  javascript  development  caching  performance 
march 2017 by timcowlishaw
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google+: A case study on App Download Interstitials
Despite our intuition that we should remove the interstitial, we prefer to let data guide our decisions, so we set out to learn how the interstitial affected our users. Our analysis found that:
9% of the visits to our interstitial page resulted in the ‘Get App’ button being pressed. (Note that some percentage of these users already have the app installed or may never follow through with the app store download.)
69% of the visits abandoned our page. These users neither went to the app store nor continued to our mobile website.
ux  testing  decisiontheory  interaction  design  download  app  mobile  web 
july 2015 by timcowlishaw
Spotify debuts Discover Weekly personalised ‘mixtape’ playlist
“For describing the way we do things at Spotify, ‘human vs algorithm’ doesn’t even make sense anymore,” said Ogle.

“Discover Weekly is humans all the way down; we can only create a truly personalised playlist every Monday morning for 75 million people because we have so many music lovers on the service already, soundtracking their lives in ways we can learn from and build atop. Our algorithms stand on the shoulders of (human) giants.”

Discover Weekly also relies to some extent on some of the behaviours those humans have learned while using Spotify. The playlist refreshes every Monday, meaning they’ll need to save tracks to their collection or other playlists so they don’t forget them.

In a recent talk at The Great Escape, Spotify’s Will Hope said this process of “harvesting” playlists has become common on the service, and Ogle agreed.

“Playlists are really the native format on Spotify; our users already know how to play, skim, offline, or save them,” he said. “That’s the aspect of Discover Weekly I’m most excited about — the approach to personalisation is totally new, but there’s no new mental model or UI to learn. I think people will know what to do.”
spotify  design  music  web  recommendations  synergy  interaction  discovery  informationretrieval  hci 
july 2015 by timcowlishaw
Authentication with Sinatra and Warden
Steve Klise is a programmer and artist living in Brooklyn, NY.
sinatra  warden  rails  webdevelopment  authentication  web  development 
january 2015 by timcowlishaw : establishing geek cred since 1305712800
A protip by erikwco about ruby, sinatra, slim, sqlite3, warden, and foundation5.
sinatra  warden  rails  webdevelopment  authentication  web  development 
january 2015 by timcowlishaw
VirtualBox Hates Sendfile | a bit wiser
I've begun using Vagrant with Virtualbox for Web Development, specifically for Rails development. This allows me to spin up an environment as close to production as possible, and it keeps my host system clean from various projects' clutter. It's quite lovely, and I'll definitely devote a separate post to that topic. However: Recently, I ran…
virtualbox  vagrant  sendfile  development  nginx  web 
november 2014 by timcowlishaw
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