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Datasette Facets
Instantly publish structured data to the internet with a JSON API; with a web UI that supports facets, search, and plugins like for mapping (
json  api  data  sqlite  csv  cool  tool  utility  web  python 
may 2018 by tobym
An Animated Guide to Nature's Best Wayfinding Secrets - Atlas Obscura
Beautifully illustrated tricks for how to navigate using the moon, stars, trees, and more
animation  travel  navigation  cool  nature  Outdoor 
july 2017 by tobym
free-form data organizer
spreadsheet  interesting  cool 
april 2014 by tobym
NAND to Tetris - The Elements of Computing Systems / Nisan & Schocken
Coursework to build a general-purpose computer system from the ground up, starting from a NAND gate and culminating with a tetris game.
compsci  education  hardware  learning  programming  tutorial  cool 
october 2012 by tobym
Conway's game of life implemented with floating point values instead of integers. Looks incredibly organic.
cool  algorithms  graphics  awesome  conways-game-of-life 
october 2012 by tobym
turing complete hexagon-based cellular automata
turingmachine  programming  cool  nerdy 
august 2012 by tobym
visualization of version-control commits
code  visualization  cool 
october 2010 by tobym
Twitter stream filter, focused on [ love hate think believe feel wish ]
Surprisingly inspiring/insightful
cool  twitter  mashup 
april 2010 by tobym
Project SIKULI
Sikuli is a visual technology to search and automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots).
cool  opensource  gui  scripting  visual  programming  development  automation  sikuli  picture-driven-computer 
january 2010 by tobym
PROJECTS / Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg
Really cool data visualization projects, particularly focused on displaying connections between data.
visualization  interesting  cool  data 
january 2010 by tobym
search bios of twitter followers and see the results in a tag cloud.
clever  cool  twitter 
march 2009 by tobym

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