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Free Software Directory
A catalog of free software for GNU-like operating systems.
opensource  fsf  list 
january 2019 by tobym
Big Data And AI: 30 Amazing (And Free) Public Data Sources For 2018
Big Data And AI: 30 Amazing (And Free) Public Data Sources For 2018
dataset  list  data 
december 2018 by tobym
Books « Building Customer Driven SaaS Products | Jason Evanish
Big list of quality books, mostly about leadership/management/business/etc.
management  books  list 
december 2018 by tobym
CLI: improved
List of various handy CLI tools
cli  reference  terminal  tools  list 
august 2018 by tobym
Ask HN: Best way to learn modern C++? | Hacker News
- Tour of C++ (
- Principles and Practice Using C++ (

- From Mathematics to Generic Programming (

- The Scott Meyers books

Some of the Bjarne Stroustrup videos,

"Learning and Teaching Modern C++" -

Some of the Herb Sutter videos,

"Writing Good C++14... By Default" -

"Back to the Basics! Essentials of Modern C++ Style" -

Some of the Kate Gregory videos,

"Stop Teaching C" -

"10 Core Guidelines You Need to Start Using Now" -

"It's Complicated" -
c++  learning  resources  list 
march 2018 by tobym
SoftBank Leads $164M Bet on Mapbox | Hacker News
Comments have great list of companies that provide strong map APIs. OpenStreetMap, OpenMapTiles, MapZen, ThunderForest, GraphHopper
maps  list  geo  api 
october 2017 by tobym
Host your own contacts and calendars and share them across devices | Hacker News
Another description of someone setting up their own calendar/email/contacts hosting (with sync). Other options described in the comments.
email  hosting  list 
july 2017 by tobym
Recommended, mind bending, books for the "expert" programmer? | Lobsters
Great list of programming and computer science books that are far beyond the typical beginning level.
books  compsci  learning  list 
may 2016 by tobym
Linux Performance
Links to many Linux performance material, such as tools, talks, and docs.
linux  monitoring  performance  sysadmin  tools  debugging  perf  dtrace  list 
january 2016 by tobym
Sigma.js: a JavaScript library for graph drawing | Hacker News
Comments contain a bunch of javascript libraries for drawing graphs.
javascript  graph  visualization  list 
november 2015 by tobym
This week in... | Lobsters
List of ~weekly publications about various programming communities
tech  technology  news  list 
january 2015 by tobym
Amazon Zocalo | Hacker News
The comments contain a list of both paid and free fire sharing alternatives to things like Dropbox and Box
list  filesharing 
july 2014 by tobym
Runnable – jsfiddle for everything | Hacker News
A new "run X in the cloud" site like jsfiddle. Comment include numerous alternatives for running and collaborating on code.
programming  utilities  list 
june 2014 by tobym
Readings in distributed systems
List of important papers about distributed systems, organized by high-level topics.
papers  distributed  programming  reading  systems  list 
december 2013 by tobym
MathFiction Homepage
List of fiction (short stories, novels, etc) that have math as a central topic.
list  math  books  toread 
january 2013 by tobym - disposable email address | Hacker News
First comment has a number of other temporary email providers.
email  list 
december 2012 by tobym
Open Source - DocumentCloud
DocumentCloud has a large number of good open-source projects, including Backbone.js, Jammit, Underscore.js, and Docsplit.
javascript  ruby  opensource  list 
september 2011 by tobym
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