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Introduction to text manipulation on UNIX-based systems
Great docs on nix commands like head/tail, comm/diff, cut/split, join, and plenty of others.
text  unix  cli  linux  sysadmin  documentation  reference 
9 weeks ago by tobym
Deep explanations of machine learning and related topics, often including visualizations.
machinelearning  reference  ml 
december 2018 by tobym
CLI: improved
List of various handy CLI tools
cli  reference  terminal  tools  list 
august 2018 by tobym
Physics travel guide
The Physics Travel Guide is a tool that makes learning physics easier. Each page here contains three layers which contain explanations with increasing level of sophistication. We call these layers: intuitive, concrete and abstract. These layers make sure that everyone can find an understandable explanation.
physics  science  learning  education  reference 
may 2018 by tobym
Common environmental noise levels | CHC
40 quiet office, library
50 large office
65 – 95 power lawn mower
80 manual machine, tools
85 handsaw
90 tractor
90 – 115 subway
decibel  office  reference 
august 2017 by tobym
JavaScript API · ethereum/wiki Wiki · GitHub
Use Web3 JavaScript app API to make a web app work with Ethereum. Also see Metamask
ethereum  javascript  reference 
july 2017 by tobym
Nine Nines Support: Cowboy User Guide
Handy flowchart describing a full REST API cycle
rest  guide  reference 
july 2017 by tobym
Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition
Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition (2000)

Old school linux admin guide, covers tcp/ip, dns, PPP, NNTP, email, and more.
linux  admin  book  reference  tcp  networking  ops 
april 2017 by tobym
csvkit documentation
csvkit is a suite of command-line tools for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.
csv  data  analysis  datamining  cli  python  documentation  reference 
april 2017 by tobym
CLI for references; simplified/interactive personal man pages
cheat allows you to create and view interactive cheatsheets on the command-line. It was designed to help remind *nix system administrators of options for commands that they use frequently, but not frequently enough to remember.

Like a simplified man page; compare with tldr and bro.
cli  commandline  reference 
december 2015 by tobym
Unix Toolbox
This document is a collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users. This is a practical guide with concise explanations, however the reader is supposed to know what s/he is doing.
linux  sysadmin  reference  cheatsheet  toolkit 
august 2015 by tobym
Rosetta Stone for Unix
A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator (ROSETTA STONE) OR   What do they call that in this world?
linux  unix  sysadmin  reference 
august 2015 by tobym
Simplified and community-driven man pages
Simplified "show me the common usages" man pages. Compare with bro and fu.
linux  commandline  reference 
august 2015 by tobym
bro: just get to the point!
Like man pages, but simplified with examples. Has cmdline client.
commandline  linux  unix  reference 
august 2015 by tobym
U.S. Work Visa Explorer
Reference for 2015 salaries of H-1B engineers at Netflix
salary  job  reference 
june 2015 by tobym
You Might Not Need jQuery
A number of javascript and jquery snippets for common things.
javascript  development  reference 
january 2014 by tobym
Bit Twiddling Hacks
Reference of lots of bitwise operations.
algorithms  c  hacks  programming  reference 
august 2013 by tobym
PGP Public Key for Alan Eliasen and GPG tutorial
RT @aeliasen: I vastly expanded my document on using GPG to protect your privacy: Comments welcome. I'll work with you to encrypt!
gpg  pgp  tutorial  reference  encryption  privacy 
july 2013 by tobym
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