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No, Machine Learning is not just glorified Statistics
This meme has been all over social media lately, producing appreciative chuckles across the internet as the hype around deep learning begins to subside. The sentiment that machine learning is really…
statistics  ai  artificialintelligence  datascience  machinelearning  ml  rstats  Unread 
july 2018 by tranqy
uber/pyro: Deep universal probabilistic programming with Python and PyTorch
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
python  machinelearning  deeplearning  ml  pytorch  statistics  ai  bayes  probabalistic  probability 
july 2018 by tranqy
Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning Algorithms - Dataconomy
We take advantage of machine learning thanks to advancements in computing power. But how does it actually work? The answer is simple: algorithms.
machinelearning  data  statistics  datascience 
may 2017 by tranqy
Seeing Theory
A visual introduction to probability and statistics.
datascience  dataviz  stats  probability  visualization  math  education  statistics  learning  via:popular 
march 2017 by tranqy
Prophet: forecasting at scale – Facebook Research
Forecasting is a data science task that is central to many activities within an organization. For instance, large organizations like Facebook must engage in capacity planning to efficiently allocate scarce resources and goal setting in order to measure performance relative to a baseline.
python  timeseries  data  IFTTT  R  facebook  forecasting  machinelearning  forecast  statistics 
march 2017 by tranqy
Quandl Financial and Economic Data
Quandl is a marketplace for financial and economic data delivered in modern formats for today's analysts, including Python, Excel, Matlab, R, and via our API.
search  datascience  economics  data  api  datasets  finance  dataset  statistics  quant 
december 2016 by tranqy
guesstimate-app - Create Fermi Estimates and Perform Monte Carlo Estimates
data  github  opensource  statistics  tools  redux  spreadsheet  Unread  visualization  charts 
january 2016 by tranqy
Plotly Online Chart Maker
Online chart maker for CSV and Excel data. Create interactive D3.js charts, reports, and dashboards online. API clients for R and Python.
charts  data  free  graph  statistics  javascript  Visualization  plot  Python  analytics 
november 2015 by tranqy
CSS Stats
Visualize heuristic stats from your css
css  performance  stats  utility  webdev  tool  statistics  tools  resources  Design 
may 2015 by tranqy | A/A Testing: How I increased conversions 300% by doing absolutely nothing
There are few things wantrepreneurs (all due respect, I'm a recovering wantrepreneur myself) love to talk about more than running A/B tests. The belief seems
data  design  research  statistics  testing  ab  abtesting  startups  usability  via:popular 
april 2015 by tranqy
Bayesian Methods for Hackers
Bayesian Methods for Hackers : An intro to Bayesian methods + probabilistic programming with a computation/understanding-first, mathematics-second point of view.
bayesian  book  python  statistics  bayes  math  programming  books  data-science  IFTTT 
march 2015 by tranqy
Andrew Gallant's Blog :: Introducing NFLGame: Programmatic access to live NFL game statistics
Programatic access to NFL statistical data? Live? As a Python package?! /me pleased
bitly  football  IFTTT  python  statistics 
august 2012 by tranqy
Creates a cool graph that shows tag activity across timespans  visualization  tags  statistics  tagging  social  timespan 
january 2006 by tranqy

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