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Journaling Can Help You Out of a Bad Mood -- Science of Us
Pennebaker had conducted at a Dallas computer company that laid off one hundred senior engineers
emotion  processing  CoolStuff  important  hygiene  journal  writing  journalling  blogging 
october 2016 by trevormeier
The boss who can help your video go viral - BBC News
Image copyright Unruly Moving from a career in academia to co-founding an ad technology company that's later
emotion  facial  tracking  advertising  measurement  viral  video  metrics 
august 2016 by trevormeier
Humpback whales around the globe are mysteriously rescuing animals from orcas | MNN - Mother Nature Network
the behavior would represent evidence of an intense and complicated emotional life among humpbacks that is unprecedented in the animal world, outside of primates.
intelligence  whales  whale  emotion  behaviour  ocean  wildlife 
august 2016 by trevormeier
Scott Hoying
Bob Dylan Blowin in the Wind cover
music  emotion  CoolStuff 
august 2016 by trevormeier
Special education teacher begins each day by complimenting students
A+ TEACHER: Special education teacher begins each day by complimenting students, one by one.
education  kindness  love  change  CoolStuff  emotion  kids  compliment 
november 2015 by trevormeier
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