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march 2014 by trey
The Iconfactory's David Lanham on what it takes to build home screen-worthy icons | The Verge
I've been a fan of David's for many years. It was cool to visit the Iconfactory office a couple of years ago and meet David and his crew.
drawing  design  icons 
december 2012 by trey
Jason O'Brien approved.
design  icons 
march 2011 by trey
Downloads · Komodo Media
Very nice social media icons.
icons  design 
august 2009 by trey
Louie Mantia
My desktop and desktop icons are now decorated with this good stuff:
design  icons  desktops 
january 2009 by trey
Bartelme Design | Shopping Cart Icon
Nice icon that dude is giving away.i
icons  design 
october 2006 by trey
Subtraction: Feeding the Hand That Fed Me
Cool feed icon for anyone to use. Via Moll.
design  icons  syndication  feeds 
august 2006 by trey
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Farewell Pluto?
Nice planetary icons at the bottom of the article.
science  icons  reference  design 
august 2005 by trey
Susan Kare
Original Mac icon & font creator
design  icons  history  gui  apple  typography 
july 2005 by trey
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