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Why we vote the way we do - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Q: What's the most important thing about voters that you discovered while researching your book?

A: Please do not pose this as though I'm the first one to have found this ... but one of the clear things from our research is that the people who look at the most information, who gather the most information, are not necessarily the people who are going to best be able to determine which candidate is best for them. Really people often do better with little information than with a lot of information. We had two different types of voters who we talked about. One type was what we called "fast and frugal voters." Another we called "cognitive misers" or "heuristic-based voters," who'd look for specific cues and go for them.
politics  political-science  psychology  voting  decision-making  heuristic  frugal 
october 2008 by tsuomela
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