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The Gods That Underachieved « Easily Distracted
What I’m left with in some cases is a kind of queasy mix of postmodernism and pragmatism: that all instruments are limited and all solutions are partial. That what we really need is a political and social language for describing better outcomes, incremental improvements, and probable solutions for the significant majority of what we expect both from our governments and we expect from ourselves as social actors. I’m not saying that utopian expectations or radical demands for reform or dramatic mobilizations for action need to disappear entirely from the picture, but that we need a way to sharply delineate the circumstances under which that way of thinking is helpful. Right now, we all have a tendency to fall back on the assumption that technocracy can do anything (even that it can instrumentally prevent good solutions from being implemented) and that expertise is the product of a positivist science marching inevitably towards perfected knowledge of everything.
politics  technocracy  state  government  science  pragmatism  instrumental  incremental 
july 2010 by tsuomela
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