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UM Spatial Analysis and GIS
UMich certificate program in GIS and spatial analysis.
umich  academic  certificates  graduate  gis  geography 
september 2005
LibraryThing | Catalog your books online
Online website to keep track of book collections.
bibliography  books  software  webos 
september 2005
The Blogging of the President - The Four Great Solutions
Intriguing essay by Stirling Newberry on future political and economic developments.
politics  economics  future 
august 2005
Richard Koch's web site - Learn to live 80/20 way
Some living tips riffing on the Pareto principle.
gtd  tips  time-management 
august 2005
Spam module
Spam module for drupal cms
drupal  weblog-tools  software  cms  spam 
august 2005
The David Allen Company
Brief tips for list keepers.
gtd  tips 
august 2005
The New Republic Online: Creations
A religious argument against creationism and intellgent design.
religion  evolution 
august 2005 Books | Self-help nation
Good review of two books Self Help Inc, SHAM: how the self-help movement made america helpless.
book  review  psychology  self-help  motivation 
august 2005
LaTeX Resume Tips
Some hints on using LaTex for resumes.
latex  resume  career  text-markup 
august 2005
Crossword Puzzles
List of interactive web crossword puzzle sites.
august 2005
Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes ~ How to Be Heard
Essay about how to gain an audience for your weblog.
weblog-about  howto  essay  advice 
august 2005
SPECIAL REPORT: Hiroshima Film Cover-up Exposed
Description of efforts to declassify footage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.
politics  history  nuclear  war 
august 2005
PREVIEW: Punitive Liberalism
Essay about the malaise of democrats and the optimism of Reagan.
politics  history 
august 2005
Online Career Assessment Review for Job-Seekers
Good ranking of various online career tests.
career  tests 
august 2005
Self-Assessment: The Riley Guide
Links to various career assessment tools.
career  tests 
august 2005
How to Be a Leader in Your Field
Another good advice essay by Phil Agre on networking and building professional visibility. Also has a lot of ideas for idea generation.
essay  networking  business  professional  academia  creativity 
august 2005
Academic Skills Center - Notetaking Systems
Good description of different notetaking strategies: cornell, outline, mapping, charting, sentence.
outlining  notetaking  studying  education  pedagogy  gtd 
august 2005
Open Letter
The flying spaghetti monster site.
evolution  science  satire  humor 
august 2005
Pick two (
Very interesting discussion and elaboration of the pick two: good, fast, cheap trilemma.
management  business  cognitive-science  design  mental  structure 
august 2005
James Hamilton: Goalsetting for GTD
Essay to review about goals and gtd.
gtd  goals  pkm 
july 2005
Atomic Ranch - Midcentury Marvels
Retro designs inspired by mid-century ranch homes.
design  magazine 
july 2005
Cook's Illustrated-Recipe Resource
Website for cooks illustrated, also do america's test kitchen.
cooking  magazine  food 
july 2005
ISS Designs
Adjustable shelving design.
modern  design  furniture  interior 
july 2005
hive - modern design for the home
Catalog of many different modern designers.
modern  design  interior  furniture 
july 2005
Modern Wall Art
Fabric, abstract art designs for decoration.
modern  design  interior  fabric  art  abstract 
july 2005
The Blogging of the President - The Four Great Challenges
Another pessimistic essay from Stirling Newberry on the challenges facing our current political world.
politics  economics  future  predictions 
july 2005
Web based software for social networking based on location.
location  social-networking  webos 
july 2005
Unison File Synchronizer
File synchronization across platforms.
software  macintosh  linux  windows 
july 2005
Bad News - New York Times
Article on the economic incentives that lead to a polarized mediascape, with sidenotes on blogging.
media  economics 
july 2005
Supplies for kite aerial photography, and some blimps.
photography  kite  aerial 
july 2005 What Is Podcasting?
Good basic article on producing podcasts.
podcast  howto  weblog-about  audio 
july 2005
blooms taxonomy
Different levels of reading comprehension: knowledge, comprehension, analysis, synthesis, evaluation.
reading  pedagogy  teaching 
july 2005
COMPENSATION & BENEFITS REVIEW Challenging Behaviorist Dogma:
clip: "Challenging Behaviorist Dogma: Myths About Money and Motivation"
business  motivation  money  rewards 
july 2005
Tower Hobbies' Easy RC —R/C Basics
Some basics for radio controlled hobbyists, planes, cars, boats.
hobbies  radio-control 
july 2005
Home Page - NextActionCards
Business card sized notes for next actions.
gtd  organization  pkm 
july 2005
Ask E.T.: Thinking and Paper
Discussion thread on paper based organization systems.
gtd  organization  paper  pkm 
july 2005
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