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Welcome to the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
Math and related research institute at University of Minnesota, also host a public program called math matters.
umn  math  institutes  academic  academic-department  academic-programs  public  education 
october 2006
International Society for Ethics and Information Technology
professional-association  philosophy  technology  information 
october 2006
U of M Magic Bus - Stop View
Animated google map for commuter buses at umich
campus  maps  umich  michigan  travel 
october 2006
Another identity management service on the web.
identity  online  service 
september 2006
A site to create and manage prediction markets.
prediction  markets  economics  future  knowledge-management 
september 2006
MnCSE - Home
Minnesota science education promotion.
minnesota  science  education  evolution  activism 
september 2006
another knowledge aggregator and social bookmarking service.
bookmarks  social  web2.0 
august 2006
ACM Digital Library-Computers and Society
information ethics, its nature and scope by Luciano Floridi
information  ethics  philosophy 
august 2006
Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie
Bunny theater parodies, movies in 30 seconds starring bunnies.
arts  humor  cinema  movies  video  parody  animation 
august 2006
simple student notetaking and todo application
education  delicious  tagging  notetaking  webos  web2.0  service 
august 2006
displays album art images for mp3 music
macintosh  visualization  software  music  mp3 
august 2006
AppZapper - Making uninstalls as simple as installs
removes preference, cache, library files for applications
macintosh  software  utility 
august 2006
Movie Madness Schedule Generator
scheduling multiple movies at the multiplex
movies  film  shopping  scheduling 
august 2006
reference site for collecting handheld calculators and curta mechanical calculator
calculator  curta  history  collecting 
august 2006
Concert Ticket Generator
enter text and generate a graphic of a concert ticket
graphics  web  service  art 
august 2006
Communications Workers of America
union represents call center support people
unions  politics  call-center  labor 
august 2006
Privoxy - Home Page
locally installed web proxy that can be used to control html web page content
internet  privacy  anonymity  proxy  security 
august 2006
PennEnglish: Calls for Papers
major email based list of cfps, mostly humanities
academic  conference  list  reference  online  cfp 
july 2006
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