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CA: Journal of Cultural Analytics
"Cultural Analytics is a new journal dedicated to the computational study of culture. Its aim is to promote high quality scholarship that intervenes in contemporary debates about the study of culture using computational and quantitative methods. Articles are expected to combine theoretical sophistication, computational expertise, and grounding in a particular field towards the crafting of novel, thought-provoking arguments. In combining the very best of the humanities and the social and computational sciences, Cultural Analytics aims to challenge disciplinary boundaries and serve as the foundational publishing venue of a major new intellectual movement."
journal  academic  culture  analytics  data  analysis  digital-humanities 
may 2016 by tsuomela
They're Watching You at Work - Don Peck - The Atlantic
"What happens when Big Data meets human resources? The emerging practice of "people analytics" is already transforming how employers hire, fire, and promote. "
big-data  analytics  work  labor  human-resources 
december 2013 by tsuomela
Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
"1. The sharing you see on sites like Facebook and Twitter is the tip of the 'social' iceberg. We are impressed by its scale because it's easy to measure. 2. But most sharing is done via dark social means like email and IM that are difficult to measure. 3. According to new data on many media sites, 69% of social referrals came from dark social. 20% came from Facebook. 4. Facebook and Twitter do shift the paradigm from private sharing to public publishing. They structure, archive, and monetize your publications."
sharing  social-media  analytics  web-development  statistics  dark-social 
october 2012 by tsuomela
The Results Are in: Scientists Are Workaholics | Wired Science |
"In a recent study, a team of scientists in China examined the time of day when paper downloads occur from a scientific publisher’s website. Controlling for the time zone where the request originated, they were able to see how hard scientists work overall by examining the downloads for a period of a little over a week. But even more than that, they explored the patterns in their work habits, as well differences between scientists in different countries."
work  labor  habit  scientists  publishing  reading  analytics 
august 2012 by tsuomela
Premium Twitter Data from Gnip
Gnip has offered easy access to Twitter’s free data streams and dozens of other social media feeds since 2008. In November 2010, Gnip became the first authorized reseller of Twitter data.
twitter  social-networks  research  analytics  data-collection  data-sources 
june 2012 by tsuomela
SocialFlow Blog
The SocialFlow Blog brings you the latest news, research and dispatches from the leading edge of social media optimization.
weblog-company  social-media  analysis  analytics 
august 2011 by tsuomela
Academic Analytics: A New Tool for a New Era | EDUCAUSE
In responding to internal and external pressures for accountability in higher education, especially in the areas of improved learning outcomes and student success, IT leaders may soon become critical partners with academic and student affairs. IT can contribute to this call for accountability through academic analytics, which is emerging as a new tool for a new era
academic  evaluation  measurement  analytics 
december 2010 by tsuomela
mashable - analytics toolbox
From analyzing your RSS feed to counting page views to visual representations of where your visitors are clicking, there is no shortage of companies looking to help you better understand your web site’s traffic.
web  analytics  tools  online  webos 
june 2007 by tsuomela
KDnuggets News 05:12, item 23, Publications
Link to article about growth in analytics industry.
bi  business  statistics  analytics  industry 
june 2005 by tsuomela

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