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Marx, Anarchism, and Web Standards - Literate Programming
"This tendency means that most language that's specific to a domain will generally trend towards the usable at the expense of the learnable. The impact this has on individuals new to the domain, however, is that of a wall. An impediment. Overcoming this obstacle requires a bit of good faith on the part of the beginner
language  learning  usability  expertise  community  community-of-practice  anarchism  marxism  standards  jargon 
february 2012 by tsuomela
Ruth Kinna on Guy Aldred | berfrois
"Guy Aldred is an obscure but important figure in the history of socialist thought. He sometimes crops up in histories of British socialism, syndicalist and labour organisation, but rarely in discussions of socialist theory. "
socialism  history  anarchism  19c  1h20c  politics 
october 2011 by tsuomela
Center for a Stateless Society
"The Center for a Stateless Society is a project of the Molinari Institute and dedicated to building public awareness of, and support for, market anarchism. We provide news commentary, related analysis and original research from our unique perspective, serving as a market anarchist media center."
market  anarchism  economics  politics  institutes  activism 
september 2011 by tsuomela
Wikileaks again — Crooked Timber
"Taken together, these suggest that Wikileaks-type phenomena are nowhere near as invulnerable to concerted state action as some of the more glib commentators have suggested. It needs money and proper organizational structures to work. The piece hints that the current version of Wikileaks – which seems an awkward amalgam of open source style volunteerism and personality cult – is on the brink of collapse. It also needs to be able to build and maintain connections with external organizations, both to get resources in, and to get information out. These present obvious vulnerabilities. They also suggest that it will be far more difficult to create a multitude of mini-Wikileaks than it appears at first sight. You need more than a secure connection and a website to make this model work. At a minimum, you need enough of an organization to be able to build and retain links with bigger media."
wikileaks  media  journalism  organization  secrecy  whistleblowing  distributed  anarchism 
january 2011 by tsuomela
The First War on Terror - Reason Magazine
What the fight against anarchism tells us about the fight against radical Islam.  Review of  The World that Never Was: a true story of dreamers, schemers, anarchists, and secret agents by Alex Butterworth.
history  19c  anarchism  politics  book  review 
january 2011 by tsuomela
The State of Statelessness - Henry Farrell - The American Interest Magazine
Under Three Flags: Anarchism and the Anti-Colonial Imagination
by Benedict Anderson
Verso, 2006, 255 pp., $25

The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia
by James C. Scott
Yale University Press, 2009, 464 pp., $35
book  review  anarchism  power  state 
december 2010 by tsuomela
Notional Slurry » Richard Rorty, Voltairine de Cleyre, Peter Drucker and Clay Shirky walk into a bar…
The risk these social forces pose is that the increased potential for general and popular success of smart people draws our local unsung luminaries up and away. So they can talk amongst themselves.

And not with us.

We should be linked to one another by conversations that look back and forward and down, and most of all sideways at one another. Not just “up” at our luminous colleagues, our canon, but across at the friend we never suspected knew so much about that thing we were working on together.

I’ve come to detest the consensus of shared culture and its keepers, and our canon, and the news we’re told. I’m trying to rely more on the people in my presence, and the people they know personally.
We’re all of us always wrong. I pity the famous, the canon-makers, the revealers of truth, my professor friends because they’ve sacrificed their right to be wrong at the altar of Progress.

And as far as I can tell, that means they’re stuck; they’re not allowed to make mistakes in public.
community  pragmatism  anarchism  critique  business  success  professionalization  meritocracy  thinking 
november 2010 by tsuomela
Next Left: The relevance of anarchism
Followed from comments on the death of Colin Ward, author of Anarchy in Action.
anarchism  politics 
february 2010 by tsuomela
John Zerzan: anti-civilization theorist, writer and speaker
When people began domesticating animals and plants just 10,000 years ago, our species began a downhill slide. This is the premise of the anti-civilization movement, which is based on several decades of archaeological and ethnographic research. There is mounting, convincing evidence that domestication of animals and plants brought previously unknown side effects: hierarchy, gender inequality, disease, haves and have-nots, soil depletion and the creation of deserts, and a host of other ills. These negative trends have continued to build momentum, and now appear to be leading to worldwide catastrophe.
anarchism  anti-civilization  civilization  agriculture  anthropology  archaeology  primitivism  people 
april 2009 by tsuomela
The five dynamics. « Check Your Premises
Five expanding frameworks for the self - mind, body, relational being, social being, instantiation of mankind. Where is political intervention appropriate?
anarchism  self-definition  self-knowledge  framework  self  politics 
march 2009 by tsuomela
Anarchism as a Political Philosophy
Against the State: An Introduction to Anarchist Political Theory
politcal-science  politics  theory  anarchism  power 
november 2007 by tsuomela
Welcome to AK Press
AK Press is a worker run book publisher and distributor organized around anarchist principles. All decision-making, including which titles we distribute and what we publish, is made collectively. Our goal is to make available radical books and other materials, titles that are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants, titles with which you can make a positive change in the world.
activism  book  books  publishing  shopping  politics  anarchism  publisher  import-delicious 
july 2006 by tsuomela

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