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cultural appropriation, defilement, rituals of purification - Text Patterns - The New Atlantis
"I think it's now generally understood that the disaffected cultural left and the disaffected cultural right have become mirror images of each other: the rhetorical and political strategies employed by one side will, soon enough, be picked up by the other. At this particular moment, the right seems to be borrowing from the left — in ways that make many on the left distinctly uncomfortable. "
triggers  politics  appropriation  political-correctness  safety 
june 2016 by tsuomela
A Manifesto For Creativity In The Modern Era | Techdirt
"What I love most about this is how inclusive it is, and how much of it is about recognizing and embracing what an amazingly creative time this is for artists. All too often, we hear of artists who decry such things, who complain about the fact that their club doesn't feel as exclusive any more. For artists and an art exhibit to not just embrace, but joyfully celebrate the way creativity works today, while recognizing how these tools mean that anyone and everyone are creating art all the time, is really wonderful to see."
manifesto  creativity  modern  internet  computer  technology  mashup  appropriation  art  optimism 
april 2012 by tsuomela
Notes from New Sodom: The Lost Airbender
What does it mean to steal a lifestyle? To take up and use, without permission, a lifestyle that belongs to another?
Well, what does it mean to take up and use a lifestyle?
culture  culture-war  theory  appropriation  orientalism  title(LastAirbender)  review 
july 2010 by tsuomela
2012: Carnival of Bunkum | h+ Magazine
In his Reality Sandwich remarks, Davis wondered “what is gained by... believing that the wizards of a rather bloody jungle culture foretold our moment of rising C02 levels and suicide bombers.” Point taken. Premonitions of the End of Days and prophecies of a Space Odyssey-like leap in species consciousness, in 2012, are just the same old bedtime story -- a story we never seem to tire of hearing, about the moment (forever forestalled) when there will be “wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below,” as the Book of Acts has it -- when the sun will go dark and the moon will turn blood red and time shall be no more. The environmental crises and geopolitical pathologies of our times -- “rising C02 levels and suicide bombers” and the sufferings of the wretched of the Earth, like the Guatemalan Maya -- demand that we step up to our social responsibilities and engage passionately with the issues of our age.
newage  myth  film  movie(2012)  culture  appropriation  mayan  south-america  ancient  calendar 
november 2009 by tsuomela
Some Assembly Required
Showcasing audio work by artists who appropriate sounds from the media environment, Some Assembly Required is heard on dozens of stations
audio  sound  recording  remix  collage  appropriation  art  music 
december 2008 by tsuomela » A New Dismal Science -- “Happiness Economics”
Enter the renegade economics journal, Real-World Economics Review. It takes a very dim view of “happiness research.” In a recent article, “The Unhappy Thing About Happiness Economics” Helen Johns and Paul Ormerod take on the questionable methodologies of the field.

They wade into such paradoxes as how GDP can steadily increase in a nation even as levels of happiness remain totally flat year after year. If greater wealth “increases our utility function,” as economists like to put it, then why do time-series data show that “nations do not get happier over time as they get richer”?
economics  happiness  theory  research  appropriation 
october 2008 by tsuomela

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