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The Invention of the “White Working Class” | Public Books
Review of 6 books on the concept of the White Working Class (WWC). What makes us accept the WWC as authentic, or the bedrock of America?
books  review  class  american-studies  poverty  whiteness  race  authenticity 
february 2018 by tsuomela
The InterPARES Project:
"The International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES) aims at developing the knowledge essential to the long-term preservation of authentic records created and/or maintained in digital form and providing the basis for standards, policies, strategies and plans of action capable of ensuring the longevity of such material and the ability of its users to trust its authenticity. The findings and products of the first three phases of the project can be found on this website."
archives  research  authenticity  document  preservation  digital 
march 2015 by tsuomela
InterPARES Trust
"InterPARES Trust (ITrust 2013-2018) is a multi-national, interdisciplinary research project exploring issues concerning digital records and data entrusted to the Internet. Its goal is to generate theoretical and methodological frameworks to develop local, national and international policies, procedures, regulations, standards and legislation, in order to ensure public trust grounded on evidence of good governance, a strong digital economy, and a persistent digital memory."
archives  research  authenticity  document  preservation  digital 
march 2015 by tsuomela
MTV's Musical Legacy: How 'Unplugged' Sold The Radio Star : Monkey See : NPR
"In the end, MTV pushed spectacle in music, but simultaneously created a market for an authenticity proving ground, which it then filled. Just as "Money For Nothing" could be both of MTV and suspicious of MTV, artists could combat their MTV images ... on MTV. That was the way in which the channel was revolutionary: for a brief cultural moment, it was both the disease and the cure – both supply and demand."
history  music  television  culture  1980s  authenticity 
may 2013 by tsuomela
The Blueprint | the human network
This failure comes with a high cost.  It’s likely that the Americans will eventually get their hands on Assange – ... and he’ll be charged with espionage, likely convicted, and sent to a US Federal Prison for many, many years.  Assange gets to be the scapegoat, the pinup boy for a new kind of anarchism.  But what he’s done can not be undone; this tear in the body politic will never truly heal.

Everything is different now.  Everything feels more authentic.  We can choose to embrace this authenticity, and use it to construct a new system of relations, one which does not rely on secrets and lies.  A week ago that would have sounded utopian, now it’s just facing facts. I’m hopeful.  For the first time in my life I see the possibility for change on a scale beyond the personal.  Assange has brought out the radical hiding inside me, the one always afraid to show his face.  I think I’m not alone.
wikileaks  secrecy  future  authenticity 
december 2010 by tsuomela

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