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Cheaters Sometimes Prosper « Easily Distracted’s hard to get too exercised about aspirant mandarins cheating their way through the screening process. After all, in more than a few workplaces in contemporary American life, proficiency in cheating is arguably one of the best skills you could master. Bank managers are telling us all with a straight face that while they flagrantly cheated their way through the procedures governing foreclosure and holding mortgages, we need to just look past that and let them go about the necessary business of getting out of the mess that securitization of mortgages left them (and us) mired in... If the cause is good, or even if it’s not, expediency now apparently trumps honesty throughout our political and social lives.

Accountability is for everyone or it’s for no one. Or maybe, as in the case of this cheating scandal, it’s only for the dumb chumps stupid enough to get caught and powerless enough that they have to don their sackcloth and ashes and duly perform their false regrets.
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november 2010 by tsuomela
Where does the new plagiarism come from? - Acephalous
By which I mean: what specific sites/forums/IRC chat rooms do students use to find people willing to produce "original" works of scholarship?
school  cheating  writing  papers 
september 2009 by tsuomela

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