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Data visualization & presentation tool | Quadrigram
"Quadrigram allows you to engage people by sharing stories that matter."
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april 2017 by tsuomela
I killed the Internet —
"When­ever I bumped into a silo like Face­book, I may have grum­bled but I didn’t leave. In fact, I pushed more con­tent into it, not ask­ing that it push con­tent back out. I did that because that’s where the read­ers were, where I could get more users, etc…

When my smart phone provider decided to put a cap on how much band­width I could use on my unlim­ited plan, I didn’t leave because I had to be on a net­work where I could con­tinue using my iPhone/iPad/Kindle/Whateverdevice. I grum­bled on Twit­ter and may have done a tum­blr post but I didn’t walk away.

When the politi­cians started talk­ing about things like Net Neu­tral­ity or other weird acronyms like PIPA/SOPA/ACTA/etc I may have pushed back for that law but I didn’t make it clear that any­thing that attacks the Inter­net attacks the peo­ple and thus under­mines democracy.

I think you may real­ize that I’m not alone in these behav­iors and the truth is: I may have killed the inter­net… but so did you."
internet  open  culture  control  social-media  technology-effects  privacy  protocol  facebook  commercial  business 
march 2012 by tsuomela

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