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DNA analysis: far from an open-and-shut case | Science | The Observer
"The case has become a blot in the history book of forensic science but the lessons extend far beyond the procedures of criminal investigation. If nothing else, the Phantom of Heilbronn demonstrates the amazing psychological power of DNA evidence. The belief that DNA samples mark out individuals like an infallible biological barcode is so powerful that people will begin to hypothesise invincible, transsexual, border-hopping serial killers just to keep the story coherent with the genetic evidence."
crime  evidence  justice  law  science  technology  dna  biology  forensics 
october 2012 by tsuomela
Alignment-Based Approach for Durable Data Storage into Living Organisms
The practical realization of DNA data storage is a major scientific goal. Here we introduce a simple, flexible, and robust data storage and retrieval method based on sequence alignment of the genomic DNA of living organisms.
biology  dna  information  storage  paper  science 
february 2007 by tsuomela

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