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The Posthuman Enlightenment | Public Books
"Fiction without Humanity: Person, Animal, Thing in Early Enlightenment Literature and Culture Lynn Festa University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019"
book  review  enlightenment  humanism  philosophy  object-oriented-ontology 
4 weeks ago by tsuomela
Pinker’s Pollyannish Philosophy and Its Perfidious Politics
"Enlightenment Now:The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress By Steven Pinker Published 01.15.2019 Penguin Books 576 Pages"
book  review  enlightenment  anti-enlightenment  skepticism  rationalism 
10 weeks ago by tsuomela
Crusoe at the Crossroads - The New Atlantis
"On Robinson Crusoe, Lost, and why we keep returning to mysterious islands where science blurs with the supernatural"
book  essay  criticism  enlightenment  history  psychology  supernatural 
11 weeks ago by tsuomela
The PNSE Paper | Slate Star Codex
"I’ve mentioned this a few times, but it’s worth going over in detail. The full title is Clusters Of Individual Experiences Form A Continuum Of Persistent Non-Symbolic Experiences In Adults by Jeffery Martin, with “persistent non-symbolic experience” (PNSE) as a scientific-sounding culturally-neutral code word for “enlightenment”. Martin is a Reiki practitioner associated with the “Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness”, so we’re not getting this from the most sober of skeptics, but I still find the project interesting enough to deserve a look."
religion  enlightenment  belief  experience 
october 2019 by tsuomela
Is Ours the Best World Ever? | Commonweal Magazine
Review, written by Gary Gutting, of Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker.
book  review  enlightenment  anti-enlightenment  scientism 
march 2018 by tsuomela
Don’t Overthink It - The Atlantic
Review of The world beyond our head: On becoming individual in an age of distraction by Michael Crawford.
book  review  philosophy  enlightenment  work  labor  technology 
april 2015 by tsuomela
Contrary Brin: People Who Don't "Get" Transparency or Positive Sum Games
"The Enlightenment's core discovery was the positive-sum game... ways that democracy, markets and science can "float all boats," so that even those who aren't top-winners can still see things get better, overall, year after year -- leading to the diamond-shaped social structure we discussed in an earlier post (last week), with a vibrant and creative middle class outnumbering the poor."
technology  computer  security  programming  intellectual-property  law  enlightenment  positive  games 
october 2011 by tsuomela
Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life by Nicholas Phillipson. - GeorgeScialabba.Net
Review of - Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life by Nicholas Phillipson. Yale University Press.
book  review  about(AdamSmith)  economics  history  enlightenment 
march 2011 by tsuomela
Article | First Things
"Worlds Made of Words: Scholarship and Community in the Modern West by Anthony Grafton"
book  review  humanities  humanism  history  enlightenment 
march 2011 by tsuomela
George Lakoff: Why "Rational Reason" Doesn't Work in Contemporary Politics |
Lakoff adds to his theory the distinction between real and false reason. "Real reason is embodied in two ways. It is physical, in our brain circuitry. And it is based on our bodies as the function in the everyday world, using thought that arises from embodied metaphors. And it is mostly unconscious. False reason sees reason as fully conscious, as literal, disembodied, yet somehow fitting the world directly, and working not via frame-based, metaphorical, narrative and emotional logic, but via the logic of logicians alone."
metaphor  politics  distributed  cognition  embodiment  physical  neuroscience  conservatism  enlightenment  reasoning  rationality  reason 
march 2010 by tsuomela
EnlightenNext - Evolutionary Enlightenment, Awakening Consciousness
EnlightenNext is dedicated to catalyzing evolution in consciousness and culture. We strive to be leaders, examples, and pathfinders in the emerging field of integral and evolutionary spirituality, and to stand for the ultimate relevance of spiritual enlightenment in our time. Through our integrated annual cycle of programs and events and our award-winning publications, we are awakening, connecting, and cultivating a global movement of “evolutionaries”—individuals who feel personally responsible for creating the future.
magazine  evolution  enlightenment  myths  story  consciousness  integral 
february 2010 by tsuomela
Black And White | The New Republic
Adam Kirsch reviews The Anti-Enlightenment Tradition by Zeev Sternhell
book  review  philosophy  enlightenment  history  anti-intellectual  rationality 
february 2010 by tsuomela

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