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Existential Risks: Analyzing Human Extinction Scenarios
Because of accelerating technological progress, humankind may be rapidly approaching a critical phase in its career. In addition to well-known threats such as nuclear holocaust, the prospects of radically transforming technologies like nanotech systems and machine intelligence present us with unprecedented opportunities and risks. Our future, and whether we will have a future at all, may well be determined by how we deal with these challenges. In the case of radically transforming technologies, a better understanding of the transition dynamics from a human to a “posthuman” society is needed. Of particular importance is to know where the pitfalls are: the ways in which things could go terminally wrong. While we have had long exposure to various personal, local, and endurable global hazards, this paper analyzes a recently emerging category: that of existential risks. These are threats that could cause our extinction or destroy the potential of Earth-originating intelligent life.
philosophy  transhumanism  future  risk  existential  scenario  eschatology  extinction 
november 2010 by tsuomela
“Mankind must perpetuate!” « Check Your Premises
I am arguing specifically against the notion that the human race, humans as a whole, must seek perpetuation of itself (through its individuals, of course).
philosophy  extinction  human  population 
march 2009 by tsuomela

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