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Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) Association
"Extreme events engineering is an experience-driven field. Immediately following the occurrence of an extreme event (e.g., earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, landslide, or flood), perishable data that can be used to advance our understanding should be systemically collected. The importance of detailed mapping and surveying of damaged areas relative to general damage surveys cannot be overemphasized, as they provide the hard data of the well-documented case histories that drive the development of many of the empirical procedures used in geoengineering practice."
science  geology  extreme  events  rapid  disaster  earth-science  geoengineering 
july 2014 by tsuomela
Peter Beinart On Why Liberals are Down on Obama - The Daily Beast
The more fundamental difference between the Obama era and its New Deal and Great Society predecessors is this: Back then, progressives did not define the left end of the political spectrum. In the 1930s and 1960s, America featured honest-to-goodness alternatives to capitalism, home-grown radical movements that scared the crap out of the American establishment and sent some of its denizens scurrying into arms of reformers like FDR and LBJ. Because our entire ideological spectrum has shifted right since communism’s collapse, reforms that once looked like centrist compromises now look like the brainchild of Chairman Mao.
politics  new-deal  overton-window  extreme  failure  obama  progressive 
july 2010 by tsuomela
Goldmine bug DNA may be key to alien life - earth - 09 October 2008 - New Scientist Environment
A bug discovered deep in a goldmine and nicknamed "the bold traveller" has got astrobiologists buzzing with excitement. Its unique ability to live in complete isolation of any other living species suggests it could be the key to life on other planets.
biology  exobiology  astronomy  extreme  environment 
october 2008 by tsuomela

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