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Informatics@Edinburgh: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering
The University of Edinburgh views Informatics as a discipline central to a new enlightenment in scholarship and learning, and critical to the future development of science, technology and society. In the age of information, computing technology is changing the ways we work and play. Informatics is changing the way we think.

The School brings together research in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. It provides a fertile environment for a wide range of interdisciplinary studies, leading to this new science of Informatics.
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april 2010 by tsuomela
Tax Rates and Tax Havens ~ Angry Bear
Nonetheless, we can draw some conclusions. High top tax rates did not create tax havens.

Many will argue that tax havens arose as a response to high taxes. Tax havens came into play after top rates had fallen significantly. To argue that 50% tax rates or higher--say 70% or even 90%--forced the wealthy to go elsewhere is not exactly persuasive.
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march 2009 by tsuomela

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