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"The Turing Way is a lightly opinionated guide to reproducible data science."
data-science  guide  howto 
may 2019 by tsuomela
Doing Digital Scholarship
"Doing Digital Scholarship offers a self-guided introduction to digital scholarship, designed for digital novices. It allows you to dip a toe into a very large field of practice. It starts with the basics, such as securing web server space, preserving data, and improving your search techniques. It then moves forward to explore different methods used for analyzing data, designing digitally inflected teaching assignments, and creating the building blocks required for publishing digital work."
digital-scholarship  digital-humanities  guide  tutorials 
august 2018 by tsuomela
The Open Data Handbook
"This guide discusses the legal, social and technical aspects of open data. It can be used by anyone but is especially designed for those seeking to open up data. It discusses why to go open, what open is, and the how to 'open' data."
open-data  handbook  guide 
february 2016 by tsuomela
STAR CITY SCENE • View topic - Non-meteorologist's guide to meteorology (for NERDS!!!!!!)
Why do they call it meteorology if it's the study of the atmosphere and not the study of space rocks? Because 'meteor' refers to things in the atmosphere called hydrometeors (water vapor, ice, hail) and lithometeors (non-water things - dust, ash, sand) and how they change forms and interact in different ways to rain on your golf game. It's an ungodly communistic Frankenstein-like amalgamation of math, chemistry, physics, geography, intuition, experience, and gut feelings.
meteorology  weather  guide 
february 2012 by tsuomela
Leisure and Business Travel Packing List - Travel Light with One Bag!
There's no question: overpacking tops the list of biggest travel mistakes.

Thus this Web site, offering exhaustive (some might say exhausting!) detail on the art and science of travelling light, going pretty much anywhere, for an indefinite length of time, with nothing more than a single (carry-on-sized) bag.
travel  howto  lifehacks  reference  guide  gtd  hint  tips 
may 2009 by tsuomela
Bending Branches - Home
buying guide for canoe and kayak paddles. How to size paddles.
canoeing  equipment  guide 
september 2008 by tsuomela
What Works Clearinghouse: Practice Guides
Practice guides provide practical recommendations for educators to help them address the everyday challenges they face in their classrooms and schools. Developed by a panel of nationally recognized experts, practice guides consist of actionable recommendations, strategies for overcoming potential roadblocks, and an indication of the strength of evidence supporting each recommendation. IES practice guides are subjected to rigorous external peer review.
education  research  practice  guide  tip  advice 
august 2008 by tsuomela
RAPID Publication - Tools for Knowledge and Learning
This excellent handbook puts together a number of tools to help humanitarian and development organisations around the world
knowledge-management  tools  handbook  guide  non-profit 
april 2008 by tsuomela
British dx radio site/club
radio  shortwave  lists  guide 
july 2007 by tsuomela

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