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Michael Eldred - The Digital Cast of Being: Metaphysics, Mathematics, Cartesianism, Cybernetics, Capitalism, Communication - Reviewed by Val Dusek, University of New Hampshire - Philosophical Reviews - University of Notre Dame
The subtitle shows that this is a very ambitious book about a tremendously important topic. Michael Eldred examines and criticizes the atomistic world-orientation involved in digital technology, tracing this atomization back to Aristotle's conception of time as number (using Heidegger's comments). He continues through Descartes' atomistic ontology and method into modern mathematics and science, including discussions of the rigorization of the calculus and the arithmetization of analysis. Eldred then discusses the contemporary digitalized economy using Marx's concepts. Thus the work attempts to integrate a critique grounded in fundamental ontology with a critique of political economy in the digital age.
book  review  philosophy  information  digital  digitization  ontology  time  technology  heidegger  martin  alienation  marx  karl  ideology 
june 2010 by tsuomela

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