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Insufficient data - Charlie's Diary
What is the minimum number of people you need in order to maintain (not necessarily to extend) our current level of technological civilization?

There are huge political ramifications hiding behind this question. Let me unpack them for you.
population  infrastructure  hidden-assumptions  technology-effects  technology 
august 2010 by tsuomela
slacktivist: Post-apocalyptic anarchy day
The pseudo-economists of the Tax Foundation, likewise, propose a radical alteration of the world as we know it, but fail to explore, appreciate or allow for the implications of that alteration. They propose a world without taxes, which is to say a world without government. Yet in their very next breath they suggest that this alternate reality -- this world without any taxes, without any government -- would be so utterly similar to our current reality that easy comparisons can be made.

That's insane.
tax-cuts  taxes  anti-tax  infrastructure  hidden-assumptions  stupidity 
april 2009 by tsuomela

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