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Retirement in America? Too Expensive. | The New Republic
"GRINGOLANDIA: LIFESTYLE MIGRATION UNDER LATE CAPITALISM by Matthew HayesUniversity of Minnesota Press, 276 pp., $26.00"
book  review  retirement  economics  foreign-policy  immigration  poverty 
november 2018 by tsuomela
The week democracy died: How Brexit, Nice, Turkey, and Trump are all connected.
"Dark days this summer showed how government by the people—beset by illiberal populists on one side and undemocratic elites on the other—is poised for extinction."
democracy  liberal  liberalism  2016  crisis  immigration  nationalism  politics  western  europe  american  campaign 
august 2016 by tsuomela
Yes, We Have “No Irish Need Apply” | Easily Distracted
Interesting post on Rebecca Fried, a high school student, who published an academic article, on the presence of 'no irish need apply' signs, debunking another article by a much older academic.
history  historiography  expertise  immigration  academia  controversy 
august 2015 by tsuomela
My Detainment Story or: How I learned to Stop Feeling Safe in My Own Country and Hate Border Agents* - On The Media
"Earlier this month, OTM producer Sarah Abdurrahman, her family, and her friends were detained for hours by US Customs and Border Protection on their way home from Canada. Everyone being held was a US citizen, and no one received an explanation. Sarah tells the story of their detainment, and her difficulty getting any answers from one of the least transparent agencies in the country. "
law  police  america  borders  immigration  security  fear 
october 2013 by tsuomela
The Real Truth About The STEM Shortage That Americans Don't Want To Hear. - Business Insider
"Hey America, please raise the visa limit. There's a shortage of STEM talent that is willing to work for what we'll pay that also meets our high standards. When it comes down to it, a lot of the world is better at what we need than you, and we don't feel like paying your mediocre tech talent what they expect because not everybody deserves a job and we have Samsung to beat."
computers  business  silicon-valley  immigration  politics  economics  talent 
june 2013 by tsuomela

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