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Defining the Anthropocene : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
"Time is divided by geologists according to marked shifts in Earth’s state. Recent global environmental changes suggest that Earth may have entered a new human-dominated geological epoch, the Anthropocene. Here we review the historical genesis of the idea and assess anthropogenic signatures in the geological record against the formal requirements for the recognition of a new epoch. The evidence suggests that of the various proposed dates two do appear to conform to the criteria to mark the beginning of the Anthropocene: 1610 and 1964. The formal establishment of an Anthropocene Epoch would mark a fundamental change in the relationship between humans and the Earth system."
anthropocene  time  anthropology  geology  chronology  evidence  human  impact  environment 
march 2015 by tsuomela
"Kudos helps researchers explain, enrich and share their publications for greater research impact."
altmetrics  research  impact  metrics  measurement 
july 2014 by tsuomela
The hammer of Hawking: The impact of celebrity scientists, the intent of extraterrestrials and the public perception of astrobiology | Gazan | First Monday
"This paper assesses the impact of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s warning about the possibly malicious intent of extraterrestrial visitors on the public opinion of the search for life in the universe, which is the domain of the interdisciplinary science of astrobiology. Using Web content analysis and sentiment analysis methods, 13 distinct categories of opinion are proposed, suggesting the role of Web comments as both public forums and naturalistic data sources. The results suggest that a significant percentage of those studied agreed with Hawking purely on the merits of his reputation, but those who disagreed tended to claim that Hawking’s argument failed logically or scientifically. How cross–domain authority manifests on the Web, and the influence of celebrity scientists on the public perception of astrobiology, are discussed."
science  scientists  public-understanding  astrobiology  reputation  celebrity  impact 
july 2013 by tsuomela
Study Hacks » Blog Archive » Impact Algorithms: Strategies Remarkable People Use to Accomplish Remarkable Things
"I’ve been writing recently about the impact instinct — the ability to consistently steer your work somewhere remarkable. We know that diligently focusing on a single general direction and then applying deliberate practice to systematically become more skilled, are both crucial for standing out. But true remarkability seems to also require this extra push."
gtd  success  impact  profession  graduate-school  advice 
june 2012 by tsuomela
NARCCAP: The North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program
NARCCAP is an international program that serves the high resolution climate scenario needs of the United States, Canada, and northern Mexico, using regional climate model, coupled global climate model, and time-slice experiments.
climate  environment  climate-change  impact  modeling  science  computational-science 
june 2012 by tsuomela

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