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Commonwealth and Covenant - Marcia Pally : Eerdmans
"In Commonwealth and Covenant Marcia Pally argues that in order to address current socioeconomic problems, we need not more economic formulas but rather a better understanding of how the world is set up — an ontology of how we and the world work. Without this, good proposals that arise lack political will and go unimplemented. Pally describes our basic setup as "separability-amid-situatedness" or "distinction-amid-relation." Though we are all unique individuals, we become our singular selves through our relations and responsibilities to the people and environments around us. Pally argues that our culture's overemphasis on "separability" — individualism run amok — results in greed, adversarial and deceitful political discourse and chicanery, resource grabbing, broken relationships, and anomie. Maintaining that separability and situatedness can and must be considered together in public policy, Pally draws on intellectual history, philosophy, and — especially — historic Christian and Jewish theologies of relationality to construct a new framework for addressing present economic and political ills."
book  publisher  political-science  sociology  culture  autonomy  separatism  individualism 
april 2016 by tsuomela
Tory ideology renders modern Britain a mystery | Speculative Humbug
"And, as ever, the problem – the obstacle to the government’s comprehension of the tensions manifesting among the populace – is a crude individualism, for which a society is nothing but an aggregate of autonomous, freely acting individuals. From such a perspective, this rioting loses its significance as a symptom. The social field is rendered devoid of structure and depth."
riots  city(London)  protests  social  reductionism  individualism 
august 2011 by tsuomela

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