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[1710.00027v1] Toward a System Building Agenda for Data Integration
"In this paper we argue that the data management community should devote far more effort to building data integration (DI) systems, in order to truly advance the field. Toward this goal, we make three contributions. First, we draw on our recent industrial experience to discuss the limitations of current DI systems. Second, we propose an agenda to build a new kind of DI systems to address these limitations. These systems guide users through the DI workflow, step by step. They provide tools to address the "pain points" of the steps, and tools are built on top of the Python data science and Big Data ecosystem (PyData). We discuss how to foster an ecosystem of such tools within PyData, then use it to build DI systems for collaborative/cloud/crowd/lay user settings. Finally, we discuss ongoing work at Wisconsin, which suggests that these DI systems are highly promising and building them raises many interesting research challenges. "
research-data  management  integration  sharing  data-science 
november 2018 by tsuomela
"Turn a GitHub repo into a collection of interactive notebooks powered by Jupyter and Kubernetes."
python  programming  notebook  github  integration 
march 2016 by tsuomela
What can you do to help with troublesome knowledge? Librarians and Threshold Concepts The Ubiquitous Librarian - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"But… I am not interested in applying this to “library instruction” (aka instruction we do about using library resources and developing research skills) but rather, to the enterprise level of learning across campus. Let’s frame it this way: how can the library help students cross through the difficult thresholds and learn critical concepts that will enable them to succeed with their chosen major?" Annotated link
libraries  library  instruction  learning  education  teaching  information-literacy  academic  integration  discipline 
august 2011 by tsuomela

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