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"PhotoVoice’s vision is for a world in which everybody has the opportunity to represent themselves and tell their own story PhotoVoice’s mission is to build skills within disadvantaged and marginalised communities. To achieve this, we utilise innovative participatory photography and digital storytelling methods. These skills enable individuals to represent themselves and create tools for advocacy and communication. Through this, and through developing partnerships, we deliver positive social change."
photography  marginal  community  participatory-culture  participation  ethnography  visual 
march 2017 by tsuomela
Book Traces | Find unique copies of old library books
"Thousands of old library books bear fascinating traces of the past. Readers wrote in their books, and left notes, pictures, letters, flowers, locks of hair, and other things between their pages. We need your help identifying them because many are in danger of being discarded as libraries go digital. Books printed between 1820 and 1923 are at particular risk.  Help us prove the value of maintaining rich print collections in our libraries."
books  libraries  history  marginal  notes  material  culture 
july 2014 by tsuomela
The wisdom of the fringes? - Random Communications from an Evolutionary Edge
"I am coming to suspect that it is the fringes that make the difference between collective intelligence and collective wisdom. Collective intelligence solves problems or resolves conflicts of, by and for a group, an organization, a community or a whole society. It solve those problems and conflicts for the here and now, for people who are interested, aware, and involved."
wisdom  communications  marginal  evolution  open-space  conversation  fringes 
february 2013 by tsuomela
Philip Pilkington: Marginal Utility Theory as a Blueprint for Social Control « naked capitalism
"This is why the theory of marginal utility is still so popular today. It satisfies the controlling desires of its adherents – if only in fantasy. It provides a sort of imaginary Panopticon in which the adherent can sit and watch humanity and ensure that they are acting in the appropriate manner. From such a position the neoclassical can then dictate to governments and populations what sorts of policies should be enacted to ensure that everyone acts as much in line with their fantasies as possible."
economics  ideology  philosophy  psychology  marginal  utility  theory  control 
october 2011 by tsuomela
Open Left:: Who's Calling Who Crazy? Centrist/Extremist Theory & The Marginalizaiton of The American Majority
More on Richard Hofstadter and other mid-20c historians who marginalized extremism on both sides of the political center in favor of corporate centrism.
marginal  extremism  centrism  history  ideology  populism  1h20c  hofstadter  richard  politics 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Islands Apart: A Notebook
by Eavan Boland
poetry  professional-standards  culture  outsider  marginal  academic 
july 2008 by tsuomela

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