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Why Men Work So Many Hours - Joan C. Williams - Harvard Business Review
"Why are workplace flexibility programs so hard to sustain? The business case for such programs' benefits is well known. The elimination of ROWE is particularly striking because the path-breaking work of Erin Kelly, Phyllis Moen, and their colleagues, has produced rigorous regressions that ROWE reduced turnover and turnover intentions, reduced employees' interruptions at work, reduced time employees' engaged in work of little value to the company, and increased employee's sense of job involvement, using rigorous social science methodology. But the issue here is not money. At issue are manliness and morality. For upper-middle class men, notes sociologist Michèle Lamont, ambition and a strong work ethic are "doubly sacred. . . as signals of both moral and socioeconomic purity.""
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july 2013 by tsuomela
Stumbling and Mumbling: Gender inequality & overconfidence
Why are there so few women in company boardrooms? There are, of course, many reasons. But a new paper highlights one that’s overlooked:

Gender differences in overconfidence concerning their own performance explains a significant proportion of the lack of female leadership
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november 2010 by tsuomela

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