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tsuomela : natural-resources   3 » Private Property and the Power of Magical Thinking
All the talk about rights-based fishing and IFQs is a red herring that throws all of us off the track of what is important. IFQs do not work because they are rights, or because they are property rights…. IFQs work because they involve an assigned catch, as opposed to having catch be determined competitively. (Vermont Law Review, Spring 2004, p. 659)

It is apparently irresistible for people, even trained scientists, to misunderstand ITQs as a triumph of the market and privatization. ITQs play into the grand narrative that private property rights promote good stewardship of a resource. Remember the so-called “tragedy of the commons” story? That parable holds that if you give people private property rights in the commons – if only your privatize the collective resource! – people won’t over-exploit it. “Tragedy” can be averted. The mythology insists that the commons can be responsibly managed only if it is duly privatized.
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september 2008 by tsuomela

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