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Netflix and Nil - The New Atlantis
"Nihilism and Technology By Nolen Gertz Rowman & Littlefield Int. 2018 ~ 227 pp. $85 (cloth) $34.95 (paper)"
book  review  technology-critique  philosophy  about(FredrichNietzsche)  nihilism 
april 2019 by tsuomela
Book Review: Anti-Nietzsche | LSE Review of Books
"Nietzsche, the philosopher seemingly opposed to everyone, has met with remarkably little opposition himself. Malcolm Bull argues in his latest book that merely to reject Nietzsche is not to escape his lure. Only by  failing to live up to his ideals can we move beyond Nietzsche to a still more radical revaluation of all values. Igor Stramignoni finds in the current political and economic climate, where the cost of a spreading nihilism is becoming painfully clear to all, Bull’s book is both timely and bold."
book  review  philosophy  nihilism  critical-theory 
january 2013 by tsuomela
Rationally Speaking: On ethics, part I: Moral philosophy’s third way
"For me, moral philosophy is about a type of reasoning, which — like all reasoning, and particularly the logico-mathematical variety — begins with certain assumptions (which can, of course, in turn be scrutinized, empirically or logically) and attempts to unpack the logical consequences of such assumptions. Occasionally, some of those consequences lead to incoherence, or to unfruitful results, in which case one may want to (very cautiously) go back and revise a sub-set of the assumptions themselves before resuming the process. (This is a common procedure in philosophical reasoning, the above mentioned reflective equilibrium.)"
ethics  philosophy  metaethics  relativism  eliminativism  nihilism  morality 
august 2011 by tsuomela
slacktivist: The Long March of the Koalas
You'll never get anywhere talking to these folks [young earth creationists] unless you confront that fundamental error. Their hostility to science and their appalling theology are big problems -- unsustainably life-distorting problems -- but they both derive from this deeper mistake. If you can't get them to accept that their fundamental false dichotomy is, in fact, false -- that they are not forced to choose either impossible antiscience or cruel nihilism -- then they will never be able to consider any other possibilities.
evolution  evangelical  creationism  intelligent-design  argument  nihilism  fear  rhetoric  strategy 
august 2009 by tsuomela

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