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"Walk into any university lecture hall and you’re likely to see row upon row of students sitting behind glowing laptop screens. Laptops in class have been controversial, due mostly to the many opportunities for distraction that they provide (online shopping, browsing Reddit, or playing solitaire, just to name a few). But few studies have examined how effective laptops are for the students who diligently take notes. “Our new findings suggest that even when laptops are used as intended — and not for buying things on Amazon during class — they may still be harming academic performance,” says psychological scientist Pam Mueller of Princeton University, lead author of the study."
education  technology  technology-effects  computer  notetaking  writing 
april 2014 by tsuomela
Mark It Up - Do Your Job Better - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"A student's language of annotation can be developed over time. For example, I circle words that I need to look up, as well as the page numbers of passages that are significant in the text. I also have a complex and intuitive system of checks, squiggles, lines, and question marks that cover the page and probably look chaotic to anyone else. In addition, I make a few different indexes in the back of my book. I'll use one page to keep track of characters, another to track themes, another to write out questions or observations."
learning  hint  tip  annotation  text  markup  notetaking 
october 2012 by tsuomela at master from sivy/veloci-wiki - GitHub
"Veloci-wiki is not a wiki, per se. Rather, it's an easy way to set up your Notational Velocity install to store note data in a Github wiki. This makes NV a great note editor AND a great wiki editor!"
wiki  software  notetaking  notes  macintosh 
september 2011 by tsuomela
Twig: Twig
Twig is a powerful yet lightweight tool for capturing and cultivating your ideas. You’ll be able to start using Twig right away, and yet you’ll have all the power you need to as your knowledge accumulates and your understanding grows.
macintosh  software  notetaking 
october 2010 by tsuomela
Introducing Twig, A Sort Of Tinderbox Lite | Cult of Mac
Twig is centered around a window called the Noter, and in use it reminds me a little of everyone’s favorite lightweight text notes tool, Notational Velocity. As you type into the note title box, Twig searches for matching notes and displays them. If if doesn’t find any, it creates a new one. That’s very NV-like.

From there, Twig veers in the direction of its older sibling, Tinderbox. Notes can be re-arranged in a variety of views (chart, map, outline), and linked together. You can create prototype notes that hand on certain attributes to their children. Twig includes other Tinderbox features like agents (a bit like programmable searches), adornments, and search. Twig will open Tinderbox files, and vice versa.
macintosh  software  notetaking 
october 2010 by tsuomela
Pear Note - Note Taking Utility for Mac - Useful Fruit Software
Pear Note records audio and/or video while you take your notes, so later you can find what was being said when you typed something.
notetaking  software  macintosh  audio 
october 2009 by tsuomela
[ Tagamac ] [ In search of a scratchpad, part two ]
Despite some unique drawbacks of its own, VoodooPad offers near-perfect synchronization, a daily log that far surpasses Together’s in usefulness, and the ability to append text to practically anything.
notetaking  gtd  macintosh  software  tips 
september 2009 by tsuomela
Note-taking: A fundamental skill of the independent learner
Yet referring to my original question again, how many schools actually teach students to do effective note-taking?

..which is why I was shocked by how many students depended on PowerPoint handouts when I did my master's degree. I guess things really do change in a generation.
education  pedagogy  notetaking 
september 2008 by tsuomela
Cosma Shalizi on just about anything.
notetaking  list  book 
june 2008 by tsuomela
Black Cover
This blog is dedicated to the search for the perfect little black notebook.
notebook  notetaking  writing  tool  weblog 
may 2008 by tsuomela
TextCite Publication Quotation Manager
TextCite is a program for organizing and commenting textual citations from texts (books, articles, or other published works) for use in producing scientific or academic publications. You can organize by publication, author, category, or outline. It works with bibliographic management programs like Citation, EndNote, RefWorks, and BibTeX, providing important text/citation management capabilities that these programs lack, while still allowing for rapid footnote and bibliography generation by means of your favorite bibliography manager. It also exports to PDF and Word (RTF).
bibliography  bibtex  citation  database  education  macintosh  software  utility  writing  notetaking  open-source  tools  research 
february 2008 by tsuomela
l8r - email the future
l8r lets you send email later.
email  tools  future  notetaking 
june 2007 by tsuomela
simple student notetaking and todo application
education  delicious  tagging  notetaking  webos  web2.0  service 
august 2006 by tsuomela
Academic Skills Center - Notetaking Systems
Good description of different notetaking strategies: cornell, outline, mapping, charting, sentence.
outlining  notetaking  studying  education  pedagogy  gtd 
august 2005 by tsuomela
Scott - H I P S T E R
PDF files of index card layouts for hipster pda.
gtd  pkm  pim  notetaking 
january 2005 by tsuomela
FocusJournal - Notebooks
more from Lion Kimbo re: notetaking
gtd  notetaking  pkm 
october 2004 by tsuomela
Steve Barth's Personal Knowledge Management Site
Collection of articles and reflections on personal knowledge management
notetaking  pkm 
october 2004 by tsuomela

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