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Rebecca Tuvel, Amy Cuddy, and “bullying” in academia.
Proposes an interesting overlap between reactions to Rebecca Tuval paper on transracialism and Amy Cuddy on power poses. Who is defending whom and why? What role do senior scholars play?
academia  intellectual  argument  social-media  outrage  harassment  replication  philosophy  science 
may 2017 by tsuomela
Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before | Sam Kriss
"Liberal nostalgia cozies up to power in the form of a zombified Ronald Reagan"
politics  liberal  outrage  anger  entertainment  celebrity  1980s  2016 
november 2016 by tsuomela
Hate Spin | The MIT Press
"In the United States, elements of the religious right fuel fears of an existential Islamic threat, spreading anti-Muslim rhetoric into mainstream politics. In Indonesia, Muslim absolutists urge suppression of churches and minority sects, fostering a climate of rising intolerance. In India, Narendra Modi’s radical supporters instigate communal riots and academic censorship in pursuit of their Hindu nationalist vision. Outbreaks of religious intolerance are usually assumed to be visceral and spontaneous. But in Hate Spin, Cherian George shows that they often involve sophisticated campaigns manufactured by political opportunists to mobilize supporters and marginalize opponents. Right-wing networks orchestrate the giving of offense and the taking of offense as instruments of identity politics, exploiting democratic space to promote agendas that undermine democratic values.   George calls this strategy “hate spin”—a double-sided technique that combines hate speech (incitement through vilification) with manufactured offense-taking (the performing of righteous indignation). It is deployed in societies as diverse as Buddhist Myanmar and Orthodox Christian Russia. George looks at the world’s three largest democracies, where intolerant groups within India’s Hindu right, America’s Christian right, and Indonesia’s Muslim right are all accomplished users of hate spin. He also shows how the Internet and Google have opened up new opportunities for cross-border hate spin. George argues that governments must protect vulnerable communities by prohibiting calls to action that lead directly to discrimination and violence. But laws that try to protect believers’ feelings against all provocative expression invariably backfire. They arm hate spin agents’ offense-taking campaigns with legal ammunition. Anti-discrimination laws and a commitment to religious equality will protect communities more meaningfully than misguided attempts to insulate them from insult."
book  publisher  political-science  anger  outrage  sociology  psychology  extremism 
october 2016 by tsuomela
Raised to Rage | The MIT Press
"Politicians routinely amplify and misdirect voters’ anger and resentment to win their support. Opportunistic candidates encourage supporters to direct their anger toward Mexicans, Muslims, women, protestors, and others, rather than the true socioeconomic causes of their discontent. This book offers a compelling and novel explanation for political anger and the roots of authoritarian political attitudes. In Raised to Rage, Michael Milburn and Sheree Conrad connect vociferous opposition to immigrants, welfare, and abortion to the displacement of anger, fear, and helplessness. These emotions may be triggered by real economic and social instability, but Milburn and Conrad’s research shows that the original source is in childhood brutalization or some other emotional trauma. Their research also shows that frequent experiences of physical punishment in childhood increase support in adulthood for punitive public policies, distorting the political process. Originally published in 1996, reprinted now with a new introduction by the authors that updates the empirical evidence and connects it to the current political situation, this book offers a timely consideration of a paradox in American politics: why voters are convinced by campaign rhetoric, exaggeration, and scapegoating to vote against their own interests."
book  publisher  political-science  anger  outrage  sociology  psychology  extremism 
october 2016 by tsuomela
Why we fight about Colbert and Lena Dunham: Twitter politics are all we have left -
"That said, I do share the feeling that “progressive” discourse on the Internet sometimes feels too much like San Francisco in 1991, a shifting ideological mine field of hyphenate identities, ever-evolving nomenclature, “subject positions” and “intersectionality.” Attentiveness to language can lead to jargon-laden nothingness; the decoder ring of critical theory becomes an all-purpose tool for excavating hidden racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of thought-crime. My onetime Salon colleague Michelle Goldberg recently (and fearlessly) went straight at this problem in a much-discussed "
online  discourse  politics  political-correctness  outrage  media  social-media  boycott 
march 2014 by tsuomela
The Incredible Muslim Hulk proves to be no friend of Islam either
This is baffling only until you realise these protesters are not truly protesting to make a point. The protest is the point.
protests  islam  middle-east  religion  outrage 
september 2012 by tsuomela
Perverted Justice - Reason Magazine
"Sex offender laws represent the triumph of outrage over reason."
law  justice  sex  outrage  anger  punishment  america 
august 2011 by tsuomela
The moral standards of WikiLeaks critics - Glenn Greenwald -
I'm not singling out Klein here; his commentary is merely illustrative of what I'm finding truly stunning about the increasingly bloodthirsty two-minute hate session aimed at Julian Assange, also known as the new Osama bin Laden.  The ringleaders of this hate ritual are advocates of -- and in some cases directly responsible for -- the world's deadliest and most lawless actions of the last decade.  And they're demanding Assange's imprisonment, or his blood, in service of a Government that has perpetrated all of these abuses and, more so, to preserve a Wall of Secrecy which has enabled them. 
wikileaks  secrecy  moral  outrage  business-as-usual 
december 2010 by tsuomela
slacktivist: Still not rock bottom
To be confident of the claim that they are better than some other group, they have chosen to compare themselves to a eugenic Nazi regime that euthanizes senior citizens. That such a regime is wholly a figment of their warped imaginations is less revealing than the fact that they have been forced to imagine such a horrifying scenario in order to find something with which they can believe they compare favorably.
anger  outrage  extremism  fundamentalism  psychology  belief  addiction 
august 2009 by tsuomela
I cite: Outrage? Sure--if you'll do it for me!
These folks are outraged for us. They are outraged in our stead, enabling us to retain our general passivity. Extreme media, in other words, doesn't stir us up: it stirs for us.
outrage  passivity  politics  about(SlavojZizek) 
may 2009 by tsuomela
Hullabaloo - Populism Tango Redux
reaction to Rick Santelli's populist outburst
populism  outrage  conservatism 
february 2009 by tsuomela
Congress Matters :: From the files
Quotes from Republicans opposing Bill Clinton's deficit reduction package, Social Security, Medicare, etc.
republicans  bipartisanship  obstructionism  fake-outrage  outrage 
february 2009 by tsuomela
Hullabaloo - Tantrums And The SuperNanny
"We just saw it with the shrieking case of the vapors over the stimulus bill" - continues Sirota's argument about "fake outrage."
outrage  politics 
february 2009 by tsuomela

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