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"Tidy tools for time series."
r  statistics  time-series  package 
yesterday by tsuomela
"text2vec is an R package which provides an efficient framework with a concise API for text analysis and natural language processing (NLP)."
r  package  text-mining  text-analysis 
4 weeks ago by tsuomela
CRAN - Package rlist
"Provides a set of functions for data manipulation with list objects, including mapping, filtering, grouping, sorting, updating, searching, and other useful functions. Most functions are designed to be pipeline friendly so that data processing with lists can be chained."
r  package 
6 weeks ago by tsuomela
CRAN - Package jsonlite
"A fast JSON parser and generator optimized for statistical data and the web. Started out as a fork of 'RJSONIO', but has been completely rewritten in recent versions. The package offers flexible, robust, high performance tools for working with JSON in R and is particularly powerful for building pipelines and interacting with a web API. The implementation is based on the mapping described in the vignette (Ooms, 2014). In addition to converting JSON data from/to R objects, 'jsonlite' contains functions to stream, validate, and prettify JSON data. The unit tests included with the package verify that all edge cases are encoded and decoded consistently for use with dynamic data in systems and applications."
r  package  json  data-science 
6 weeks ago by tsuomela
Automate Package and Project Setup • usethis
"usethis is a workflow package: it automates repetitive tasks that arise during project setup and development, both for R packages and non-package projects."
r  package 
september 2018 by tsuomela
Teaching Data for Statistics and Data Science • testDriveR
"The goal of testDriveR is to provide data sets for teaching statistics and data science courses. This package includes a sample of data from John Edmund Kerrich’s famous coinflip experiment. These are data that I use for teaching SOC 4015 / SOC 5050 at Saint Louis University. "
teaching  statistics  data-sources  r  package 
september 2018 by tsuomela
All the fake data that's fit to print
charlatan is an R package for simulating / creating fake data
r  statistics  package  data  teaching 
june 2017 by tsuomela
spatstat - spatstat website
"spatstat is an R package for spatial statistics with a strong focus on analysing spatial point patterns in 2D (with some support for 3D and very basic support for space-time)."
space  statistics  r  package 
april 2017 by tsuomela
"Rdatasets is a collection of 1072 datasets that were originally distributed alongside the statistical software environment R and some of its add-on packages. The goal is to make these data more broadly accessible for teaching and statistical software development. "
r  statistics  package  data-sources 
april 2017 by tsuomela
CRAN Task View: Natural Language Processing
"Natural language processing has come a long way since its foundations were laid in the 1940s and 50s (for an introduction see, e.g., Jurafsky and Martin (2008): Speech and Language Processing, Pearson Prentice Hall). This CRAN task view collects relevant R packages that support computational linguists in conducting analysis of speech and language on a variety of levels - setting focus on words, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. In recent years, we have elaborated a framework to be used in packages dealing with the processing of written material: the package tm. Extension packages in this area are highly recommended to interface with tm's basic routines and useRs are cordially invited to join in the discussion on further developments of this framework package. To get into natural language processing, the cRunch service and tutorials may be helpful. "
r  statistics  natural-language-processing  text-analysis  tools  package  programming  reference  documentation 
november 2016 by tsuomela
smbache/magrittr · GitHub
"Make your code smokin' with magrittr's pipe operator. The pipe-forwarding mechanism provided are similar to (but not exactly like) e.g. F#'s pipe-forward operator. It allows you to write code in a much more clean and readable way, and you will avoid making a mess in situations of multiple nested function calls. It is particularly useful when manipulating data frames etc. The package also contains a few useful aliases that make other R operators fit well into the syntax advocated by the package. To learn more, see the included vignette."
r  statistics  software  package 
february 2014 by tsuomela

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