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TMI: Confession and Performance - Los Angeles Review of Books
"The Art of Confession The Performance of Self from Robert Lowell to Reality TV By Christopher Grobe Published 11.07.2017 NYU Press 320 Pages"
book  review  performance  performativity  confession  art  poetry 
march 2019 by tsuomela
Stumbling and Mumbling: (Non) performativity in economics
"I could, of course, put this more crudely. Economics is performative when it serves the interest of the powerful, and not performative when it doesn’t. In this sense, the problem is not with economics, but with a class structure that causes the “real world” to be a corrupted and perverted form of a market economy."
economics  performativity  power  markets  ideology  class  risk 
february 2012 by tsuomela

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