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Jones - No knowledge but through information
"This article argues for the following: 1. Information is a thing to be handled and controlled
information  knowledge  knowledge-management  pim  pkm  objects  substance  ontology  epistemology  philosophy 
october 2011 by tsuomela
Learning to automate work « Jon Udell
"But information networks matter more than the devices we use to access them, or the applications that run on those devices. The key to the automation of knowledge work that Schrage righly prescribes isn’t learning how to use smartphones or tablets. Rather, it’s learning and then applying core principles that govern information networks. "
knowledge-work  knowledge  automation  business  management  work  behavior  future  pkm  pim 
october 2011 by tsuomela
Excess capacity is a good thing - Knowledge Jolt with Jack
My take on information overload and general "personal effectiveness" has always been to start with the individual and then look out to the system.
knowledge-management  knowledge-work  pkm  information-overload  capacity  personal  gtd 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Matching activities supported by a weblog to different stages of idea development — Mathemagenic
In the study of my logging practices (Chapter 3) I looked at my weblog from two perspectives: focusing on its uses as a personal knowledge base (using insights from the research on personal information management to identify those) and the ways it supports the process of growing ideas over time (awareness and articulation, sense-making and turning them into a product). The table below matches those, summarising how different stages of idea development are supported by the activities around the weblog content: low-threshold creation of entries
weblog-analysis  practice  pkm  knowledge-management  sensemaking 
july 2009 by tsuomela
Harold Jarche » Effective knowledge sharing
We should move away from central digital information repositories (KM, Doc Mgt, LCMS, etc.). I’m not advocating tearing down any existing IT infrastructure
knowledge-management  sensemaking  personal  learning  pkm 
may 2009 by tsuomela
How To Save The World - Friday Flashback: Km 0.0 -- A Pragmatic Approach To Social Networking And Knowledge Management For Business
At the request of several readers, I've pulled this all together in the table above into a framework for what some have called KM 2.0, but which I prefer to call KM 0.0
knowledge-management  pkm  business  process 
february 2008 by tsuomela
James Hamilton: Goalsetting for GTD
Essay to review about goals and gtd.
gtd  goals  pkm 
july 2005 by tsuomela
Home Page - NextActionCards
Business card sized notes for next actions.
gtd  organization  pkm 
july 2005 by tsuomela
Ask E.T.: Thinking and Paper
Discussion thread on paper based organization systems.
gtd  organization  paper  pkm 
july 2005 by tsuomela
Software for Research
Long list of information management software, primarily windows.
software  windows  knowledge-management  pkm  pim 
february 2005 by tsuomela
Scott - H I P S T E R
PDF files of index card layouts for hipster pda.
gtd  pkm  pim  notetaking 
january 2005 by tsuomela
Wiki-page of links about pkm.
january 2005 by tsuomela
FocusJournal - Notebooks
more from Lion Kimbo re: notetaking
gtd  notetaking  pkm 
october 2004 by tsuomela
Steve Barth's Personal Knowledge Management Site
Collection of articles and reflections on personal knowledge management
notetaking  pkm 
october 2004 by tsuomela

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