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National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) supports research into our world's frozen realms: the snow, ice, glaciers, frozen ground, and climate interactions that make up Earth's cryosphere.

NSIDC manages and distributes scientific data, creates tools for data access, supports data users, performs scientific research, and educates the public about the cryosphere.
data  data-collection  data-curation  infrastructure  science  climate  cryosphere  precipitation  environment  ice  meteorology 
june 2012 by tsuomela
Anthropogenic greenhouse gas contribution to flood risk in England and Wales in autumn 2000 : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
"Here we present a multi-step, physically based ‘probabilistic event attribution’ framework showing that it is very likely that global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions substantially increased the risk of flood occurrence in England and Wales in autumn 2000."
global-warming  climate  precipitation  meteorology  environment  modeling  observation 
february 2011 by tsuomela
Human contribution to more-intense precipitation extremes : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
"Here we show that human-induced increases in greenhouse gases have contributed to the observed intensification of heavy precipitation events found over approximately two-thirds of data-covered parts of Northern Hemisphere land areas. These results are based on a comparison of observed and multi-model simulated changes in extreme precipitation over the latter half of the twentieth century analysed with an optimal fingerprinting technique. Changes in extreme precipitation projected by models, and thus the impacts of future changes in extreme precipitation, may be underestimated because models seem to underestimate the observed increase in heavy precipitation with warming."
global-warming  climate  precipitation  meteorology  environment  modeling  observation 
february 2011 by tsuomela
CoCoRaHS - Community Collaborative Rain, Hail
CoCoRaHS is an acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow). By using low-cost measurement tools, stressing training and education, and utilizing an interactive Web-site, our aim is to provide the highest quality data for natural resource, education and research applications.
science  meteorology  weather  community  co-science  collaboration  crowdsourcing  distributed  climate  volunteer  precipitation  collection  data  water  snow  citizen-science 
february 2009 by tsuomela
GIS Data Sets - NOHRSC - The ultimate source for snow information
The NOHRSC provides and maintains the NWS Integrated Hydrologic Automated Basin Boundary System (IHABBS) GIS database to support river and flood forecasting throughout the nation. Basin boundary data sets and RFC boundaries are provided here in shapefiles that have been tarred and gzipped.
gis  data  meteorology  weather  flood  precipitation 
december 2008 by tsuomela
Monitoring Drought
Understanding the historical frequency, duration, and spatial extent of drought also assists planners in determining the likelihood and potential severity of future droughts. The characteristics of past droughts provide benchmarks for projecting similar conditions into the future. Annotated link
meteorology  weather  drought  precipitation  water 
august 2008 by tsuomela

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