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I’m There, You’re Not, Let Me Tell You About It » Pressthink
"Which is true. The way I like to phrase that idea is in the title of this post: “I’m there, you’re not, let me tell you about it.” This, I think, is the original source–headwaters–for all forms of authority in journalism. By “authority” I simply mean the right to be listened to, a legitimate claim on public attention. You begin to have authority as a journalist not when you work for a brand name in news (although that helps) but when you offer a report that users cannot easily get on their own. If we go way back in journalism history, the first people to claim this kind of authority were those who could say… I’m there, you’re not, let me tell you about it."
journalism  media  authority  experience  presence  media-studies 
march 2012 by tsuomela
How to Save the World - Living in the Here and Now
When we are not living in the Now, our minds take us to one of four 'places': the past (where we recall stories of what happened, that we may feel guilt, nostalgia or regret about)
book  review  experience  psychology  presence  meditation 
may 2009 by tsuomela
Presencing Institute
The Presencing Institute (PI) is a global action research community that applies Theory U and presencing to the transformation of capitalism by shifting the social field of individual and collective action from habitual patterns to co-creating from the emerging whole. The presencing process is a journey that connects us more deeply both to what wants to emerge in the world and to our highest future possibility—our emerging authentic self.
facilitation  presence  participation  emergence  business  capitalism  transformation  community 
april 2009 by tsuomela

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