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American Association for State and Local History
AASLH began in 1904, under the wing of the American Historical Association. Then called the Conference of State and Local Historical Societies, AASLH broke out on its own in December of 1940 to become the American Association for State and Local History
history  professional-association  associations  state  local  regional  museum  organizations 
may 2010 by tsuomela
MetroMonitor Home Page - Metropolitan Policy Program - Brookings Institution
The MetroMonitor is a quarterly, interactive barometer of the health of America’s 100 largest metropolitan economies. It examines trends in metropolitan-level employment, output, and housing conditions to look “beneath the hood” of national economic statistics to portray the diverse metropolitan trajectories of recession and recovery across the country. The aim of the MetroMonitor is to enhance understanding of the particular places and industries that drive national economic trends, and to promote public- and private-sector responses to the downturn that take into account metro areas’ unique starting points for eventual recovery.
economics  statistics  research  data  maps  cities  urbanism  regions  regional 
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