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Paul Krugman is Wrong about the Rise of the Robots « econfuture | Future Economics and Technology
"I think there is a fundamental problem with this way of thinking: as jobs and incomes are relentlessly automated away, the bulk of consumers will lack the income necessary to drive the demand that is critical to economic growth."
economics  robotics  automation  jobs  work  labor  future 
january 2013 by tsuomela
The AI Revolution Is On | Magazine
"Today’s AI doesn’t try to re-create the brain. Instead, it uses machine learning, massive data sets, sophisticated sensors, and clever algorithms to master discrete tasks. Examples can be found everywhere: The Google global machine uses AI to interpret cryptic human queries. Credit card companies use it to track fraud. Netflix uses it to recommend movies to subscribers. And the financial system uses it to handle billions of trades (with only the occasional meltdown)."
artificial-intelligence  computer-science  computer  technology  robotics 
january 2011 by tsuomela
The American Conservative -- Killer Robots—What Could Go Wrong?
Singer’s calm exposition, however, does not conceal the alarming substance of his book. Perhaps the most disturbing truth is that a book about military applications of robotics is largely coextensive with a book about robotics in the United States. Singer alludes to the fact that the world leader in robotics is Japan, where technological prowess is used to do productive work on behalf of a skilled but aging population. There robots are “used for everything from farming and construction to nursing and elder care” in a country that contains “about a third of all the world’s industrial robots.” In the U.S., by contrast, civilian applications of robots remain relatively primitive. The field is dominated by defense-oriented research funding and competition for large defense-related government contracts.
military-indusrial-complex  robotics  robots  military  war  automation 
november 2010 by tsuomela
Observations: Open-source personal robotics seeks a community to make it affordable [video]
Until someone develops a common platform for building robots (think of the combination of Windows and Intel that has made PCs so accessible), the technology will remain elusive to the general public. At least that's the contention of Willow Garage, Inc., a Menlo Park, Calif. company that Wednesday made its PR2 personal robot available to the public.
open-source  robotics  technology  science  community  development 
september 2010 by tsuomela
Someday, A Tiny Subway Will Deliver Your Groceries | Autopia |
Of the proposals, the Cargo Tunnel really caught our attention. The guys behind it — a former Intel employee and a UC-Berkeley professor among them — say they’ve developed a miniature tunnel boring machine (TBM) that can create the network of necessary tunnels without disrupting life above ground.
infrastructure  future  robotics  transportation  technology  tunnel  design  urban  architecture 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Connecting neurons grown in solution to electronic circuits to a robot.
robotics  robots  brain  neurons  biology 
march 2009 by tsuomela

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