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CS109 Data Science
"Learning from data in order to gain useful predictions and insights. This course introduces methods for five key facets of an investigation: data wrangling, cleaning, and sampling to get a suitable data set; data management to be able to access big data quickly and reliably; exploratory data analysis to generate hypotheses and intuition; prediction based on statistical methods such as regression and classification; and communication of results through visualization, stories, and interpretable summaries."
data-science  courses  open-education  school(Harvard) 
april 2017 by tsuomela
Harvard Holism - Brainstorm - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"The split between evolutionists who think that selection is for and only for the individual, and those who think that the group often comes first and foremost, goes back to the two men who discovered natural selection—Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. Darwin always thought in terms of individuals, even when it comes to humans (I have discovered a letter making this point very clear), and Wallace always thought that often selection favors the group."
history  evolution  kin-selection  objects  groups  species  holism  reductionism  school(Harvard)  intellectual 
april 2011 by tsuomela
Ellen Langer
Dr. Ellen Langer is a professor in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. Her books written for general and academic readers include Mindfulness, The Power of Mindful Learning, On Becoming An Artist, and Counterclockwise.
people  psychology  mindfulness  school(Harvard) 
august 2009 by tsuomela
Joshua Greene's Homepage
Assistant Professor,Department of Psychology. Explores moral dilemmas, the trolley problem, using fMRI.
people  academic  psychology  school(Harvard)  philosophy  morality  fmri  mri  brain-imaging  neuroimaging 
april 2009 by tsuomela
The Situationist
Weblog from the Project on Law and Mind Sciences at Harvard Law School.
weblog-group  psychology  science  law  philosophy  race  ethics  school(Harvard) 
february 2009 by tsuomela
Crimson Tide
There's no doubt a characterological component--Obama's self-control is nearly inhuman, Clinton's is famously lacking. But part of the explanation also lies in the elite institutions that socialized them--namely Harvard and Yale, their respective law schools. The two schools stand on opposite sides of a cultural chasm in the academic world. Even more than that, they stand for different theories of governing.
politics  law  school  pedagogy  style  education  school(Yale)  school(Harvard) 
january 2009 by tsuomela

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