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Contested Will by James Shapiro reviewed by Charles Nicholl - TLS
The authorship controversy is a sorry story, with its core of undiluted snobbery, its self-generating conspiracy theories, its manipulated evidence, its reductive view of plays and poems as fiendishly difficult crossword puzzles. The call for an “open debate” which echoes through Oxfordian websites is probably pointless; there is no common ground of terminology between “Stratfordians” (as they are reluctantly forced to describe themselves) and anti-Stratfordians. As the director of the Folger Shakespeare Library, Gail Kern Paster, recently put it, “To ask me about the authorship question . . . is like asking a paleontologist to debate a creationist’s account of the fossil record”. With this inquisitive and open-minded account of the controversy, James Shapiro has done a service to both camps, and indeed to that mysteriously talented glover’s son from the Midlands who is at the heart of it all.
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